"Naftogaz" asks "Gazprom" to clean the "political charges"

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The NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy once again pays attention of the Russian colleagues to inadmissibility of politicization of the relations in the gas sphere.

About it it is spoken in "Naftogaz" statement in response to the statement of the vice-chairman of board of JSC Gazprom Alexander Medvedev for absence of the political decision for renewal of supply of the Russian gas to Europe.

"In the activity and the relations with joint stock company" Gazprom "the company relies only on economic feasibility and technological capabilities, any political reproaches to heads of the company aren't true and cause damage of reputation to the NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy management, - declare in NAK.

The NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy also officially declares that renewal of supply of the Russian export gas on the territory of Ukraine requires performance especially specifications.

"Naftogaz of Ukraine" emphasizes that demands till 36 o'clock for change-over of the Ukrainian GTS which now works in an autonomous mode.

Besides, for ensuring export supply of the Russian natural gas through the territory of Ukraine in a regular mode and in necessary volumes, use of the following directions is necessary:

GVS Uzhgorod-186,6 млн.м.куб. / days;
Beregovo's GVS - 23.7 млн.м.куб. / days;
GVS Drozdovich-6,1 млн.м.куб. / days;
Orlovk's GVS-66,3 млн.м.куб. / days;
Tekovo's GVS - 0,6 млн.м.куб. / days;
For consumers of the Republic of Moldova 12,7 млн.м.куб. / days.

For ensuring transit of the above volumes in the shortest terms it is necessary to provide reception 317 mln.m.kub./days of the Russian gas, including in the directions:

Pisarevk's GVS-45 mln.m.kub./days;
Valuyki's GVS - 41 млн.м.куб. / days;
GVS of Sudzha-186 млн.м.куб. / days;
Sokhranovk's GVS - 45 млн.м.куб. / days.


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