The rector of NSU explained to students that for them waits

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At a meeting of the rector of NSU of a name on duty Sukhomlinsky with students which took place today, on January 20 in the assembly hall, questions on study payment, number of students in groups, and also receiving a grant were brought up.

The rector noted that any student shouldn't be expelled from university without the sufficient bases. Therefore at emergence of problems, the question of the subsequent study or an exception of each certain student will individually be solved.

- I will stand on a position of the help to each student, - Valery Dmitriyevich confirmed. - As for training payment, at our university of 52% of students study for means of the state budget and 48% of students - under the contract.

The rector expressed the understanding of what not all contract employees can pay study in due time. Therefore the university will make the decision on certain concessions for such students. Till February 11 in an individual order the issue of the size and term of payment for study has to be resolved.

At all faculties and institutes there is a problem of filling of the academic groups. Full only that group in which studies from 25 to 30 students is considered. The majority of groups is less for today. Such situation developed as a result of expel of students in the course of study. Therefore right now there is an opportunity to be translated with the correspondence form of study on day, and also - from the contract on the budget. For an example, on the physicist - mathematical faculty of 18 empty budgetary seats.

Huge number of students the question of grants excited. The rector told to students that the academic council approved new "The provision on charge of grants". The main innovation is the accounting of results of rectorial examinations at the solution of a question on purpose of grants.

On January 24 meeting of the scholarship commission on which have the right to be present heads of groups will take place. Concerning the size of the academic grants, Valery Dmitriyevich assured that the size of grants won't decrease.

The only thing that can be changed are terms of their payments.


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