"Gazprom" wants to get back to idea of consortium on management of GTS of Ukraine

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Russian "Gazprom" suggests to return again to discussion of idea of creation of the international consortium on control of the gas transmission system of Ukraine.

The deputy head of board of "Gazprom" Valery Golubev declared crisis it at an emergency meeting Ukrainian - the Russian forum on a subject "In Ukrainian - Russian торгово - the economic relations: overcoming ways" in Kiev on Friday.

"Why today with such zaangazhirovannost the laws, not allowing to invest in GTS of Ukraine act on the territory of Ukraine? ", - he took an interest, quotes "Interfax - Ukraine".

Golubev suggested to reconsider the relation of Ukraine in the interaction sphere on management and investment of the gas transmission system of Ukraine.

It reminded of existence of documents which can be taken as a basis and to return to discussion of this idea.

Besides, Golubev reminded that in GTS of Ukraine are ready to invest not only Russia, but also France, Germany, Italy, other European countries.

In his opinion, it will be the effective mechanism which will allow to operate and invest effectively maintenance and increase in existing capacities for transit of natural gas in the countries of Europe.

Golubev also told that Nord Stream and South Stream aren't alternative of the Ukrainian gas transmission system, and "Nabukko" on the power can't compete with GTS of Ukraine, transfers Лига.net.

He emphasized what exactly through the territory of Ukraine is planned to transport additional volumes of the Turkmen gas.

"No additional gas pipeline … "Nabukko" - it on the power in principle can compete with GTS of Ukraine, it according to the project is 5 times less on power, it on anything won't affect. Existing projects which in addition are under construction today, - Nord Stream and South Stream - these projects are predetermined by additional contracts, it not alternative of GTS of Ukraine, these are additional contracts between the Russian Federation and Germany, the Russian Federation and Italy", - he told.

Golubev paid attention that the Central Asian countries plan to increase gas production for export approximately to 100 billion cubic meters, today - 60 billion cubic meters.

"40 billion cubic.gas m how we will transit? It is our joint revenues … yield we today we will reflect and on need of the GTS expansion of Ukraine and Russia, its modernization, uniform management", - he told.


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