"Nibulon" increased the areas winter by 20% on the crop's eve of 2009

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The Nibulon company in 2008 increased the area of crops winter grain on the crop's eve of 2009 for 20% in comparison with last year. I reported a press about it - company service.

The company seeded more than 19 thousand hectares of winter wheat, 4,730 thousand hectares of winter barley, 1,317 thousand hectares of a winter rye, 800 hectares of a winter colza, thus, cultivated areas winter practically twice grew in comparison with a season - 2004/05.

It is noted that the winter wedge is considerably increased at the expense of winter barley, positive dynamics in expansion of the planned areas of corn, sunflower and summer barley also is observed. It everything at the expense of increase in cultivated areas at 15%.

As the company reports, in optimum terms the complex to the oseena - field works on soil preparation is fully complete. Within protection of crops winter pest control and diseases on the area of 9 thousand hectares, fight against mouse-like rodents - on the area of 13 thousand hectares is carried out.

Besides, the company carries out a preparatory work by next year. Mineral fertilizers are bought in full, a preparatory work for purchase of a sowing material and necessary quantity of additional equipment is carried out.

2008 the agricultural enterprise "Nibulon" increased the general gross collecting grain and commercial crops to 200 thousand tons. I reported a press about it - company service.

So, following the results of a year in "Nibulon's" farms over 120 thousand tons of early grain and commercial crops are collected. Gross collecting winter barley made 16 thousand tons, winter wheat - 80 thousand tons, summer barley - 20 thousand tons, others grain - nearly 3 thousand tons and commercial crops - 1 thousand tons.

This year productivity of winter wheat on the company made more than 55 c/hectare. All wheat food, quality that is very important in the conditions of world food crisis whereas the majority of the grain developed in Ukraine was fodder, noted in the company.

The increase in gross collecting occurred due to introduction of successful systems of the mineral subforage, correctly picked up growth factors and partially microcells.

Also in the company more than 17 thousand tons of sunflower are collected. Productivity on the company made higher than 23,5 c/hectare.

Besides, last year of corn 55 thousand tons are collected. At


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