Nikolaev investors: Endured "MMM", we will endure also "Ukrprombank"?

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The other day in edition "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" the deceived investors of "Ukrprombank" who upon termination of the term of deposits can't receive the money for hands addressed.

"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" decided to find out, than such situation is caused, and on January 27 our correspondent went to the office of "Ukrprombank" located on Spasskaya St., 72.

There we were expected by a surprise - behind a huge sign "Ukrprombank" on the massive building of NGZ - the System disappeared very modest both by the sizes, and on internal furniture "branch" - a small office with small staff from 3-x the employees.

On a question "As it is possible to contact the management of office of bank? " we received the interesting answer - in any way because the chief of office Dmitry Meznik is in unpaid holiday. But the leading economist of this office agreed to consult us.

The first question - "When investors will receive the deposit deposits back? " - I tired out the young man to the deadlock. It became noticeable that the employee of bank is nervous - in confusion the young man grabbed that the computer keyboard, stationery on the desktop. However after long fluctuations the young man answered the question posed. According to him, the situation with nonpayment of deposits is connected with introduction in "Ukrprombank" of temporary administration. The national Bank of Ukraine imposed the moratorium on all bank operations, that are specified on the announcement at an entrance.

The following actions got to this "happy" list:

- Payment of funds from retirement accounts

- Payment of funds from salary accounts

- Payment of percent on deposits

- Reception and payment of the translations through the international systems of the translations

- Whether acceptance of payments from physical in favor of legal entities

- Repayment of the credits

- Carrying out valyutno - exchange operations

- Registration of deposits (for a period of 6 months)

As it is possible to see, "Ukrprombank" undertakes to pay percent on deposits, but here delivery of deposit deposits isn't mentioned.

As for when people will be able to take away the means, prospects, according to the economist of bank, unfavourable.Can pay these deposits not earlier than in 2 months, and even in half a year.

A question that to do all this time to investors, the young man answered very witty - people at whom the term of a deposit contribution ended, can … перевложить the deposit for 6 months. Though, apparently, it at all doesn't mean, as in half a year investors will receive "blood" back.

And here if the person doesn't want to carry out such operation as a deposit reinvestment, money remains to hang on "Ukrprombank" accounts while National Bank won't cancel the moratorium. And during this time percent on deposit deposits won't be charged - it turns out that the bank will use money of investors free of charge.

On it explanations of the economist ended - he refused to give still any information. With a clear conscience and in an unsatisfied state our correspondent recovered back home.

Reference: Temporary administration of commercial banks - operation during which the operating management is discharged of duties, and instead of it is established control of bank activity by specialists of National Bank of Ukraine.

And though in the announcement of "Ukrprombank" it is specified that the temporary administration is entered allegedly for this purpose to create favorable conditions for renewal of a financial position of bank, according to experts, the sense of these actions consists in other. According to experts, introduction of temporary administration is can be the first step on a way to liquidation of bank.

Well, time will tell … For now in communication by a difficult situation in the bank sphere each financial establishment survives as can, often at the expense of the clients.

It seems that investors of "Ukrprombank" can sympathize only. But our people strong - endured loss of deposits of Sberbank of the USSR, "MMM", will endure also "Ukrprombank"...


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