Ukraine deficiency of meat

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The price of pork grows in Ukraine for processors. Now the meat price in live weight makes about 20 hryvnias for kilogram. For comparison, at the end of last year (in peak of holiday sale of meat and meat products) this indicator didn't exceed 18 hryvnias. Experts explain a rise in prices with deficiency of meat raw materials in the market.

As the expert of "The Ukrainian club of agrarian business" Elizabeth Svyatkivskaya explains, since January 1 in Ukraine practice of licensing of import of meat was resumed. From - for it at the beginning of a year only few companies - importers processed necessary documents. As result - almost total absence of the offer of import pork in the Ukrainian market.

Promotes demand strengthening from processors, and respectively, and to the rise in prices, the insufficient offer of meat at domestic producers. Earlier myasopererabotchik compensated the insufficient offer, buying cheaper import meat. It contained a rise in prices for the Ukrainian meat and caused discontent of cattle breeders. "In the market big deficiency of raw materials, and both pork, and beef. The Ukrainian agricultural producers don't want to lower the prices, after all still remains unclear, whether the state will subsidize them, and also whether the zero rate of the VAT" will be kept for them, - the chairman of the board of "Kovelsky sausages" Vladimir Golovaty tells.

Besides deficiency of the Ukrainian raw materials, at myasopererabotchik two more problems - rise in price of import and decrease in demand from buyers. These factors, certainly, affect the final price of meat and sausage production. "From - for reductions in cost to hryvnia the import meat raw materials grew in price for 60%. Now import pork in semi-hulks stands up 25 hryvnias for kilogram. Therefore we are compelled to raise the prices (by finished goods. - the edition)", - are told by Denis Paramonov, the director of Saltovsky Meat-processing Plant group of companies. According to him, on the average myasopererabotchik raised the prices by 15-20%. "We work due to decrease in own profitability, after all the dollar and euro grew by 60%, and we raised the prices only by 15-20%", - Paramonov complains.

Decrease in demand from cattle breeders compels to reduce myasopererabotchik outputs. "Falling of outputs (on the enterprises. - the edition) makes from 20 to 50%", - Vladimir Golovaty claims. According to Elizabeth Svyatkivskaya, further outputs will depend on an economic situation in the country. "Processors while precisely don't know, how many the raw materials are required to them as remains unknown, reduction of internal consumption of meat production" will be how essential, - the expert speaks.

According to its forecasts, in the current year import of meat raw materials to Ukraine will unambiguously be reduced. "Last year Ukraine imported more than 500 thousand tons of meat, this year this indicator will make about 200 thousand tons", - Svyatkivskaya considers. According to her, to Ukraine mainly Dutch and German pork by transit through Poland is delivered.


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