The Ukrainian milk sellers curtail production

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For the last half a year in Ukraine suspended work of 40 of 300 enterprises of dairy branch, and thousands employees were dismissed. Financial crisis affects demand for some types of desserts and yogurts. In this regard the part of bonus products soon will be at all laid off, participants of the market speak. About it The Kommersant — Ukraine newspaper writes.

"Since summer our company reduced about 700 employees. Now three of our eight enterprises" work only, - the general director of "The western dairy group" Sergey Shvets reported to the edition. According to him, the further destiny of the idle enterprises isn't defined. "They can be sold if there is a buyer", - Shvets told. Slightly better the situation at the enterprises of the company largest in the country for production of Milkilend cheese is - from nearly two tens enterprises two are stopped only, however the total number of employees was reduced almost by one thousand people.

The director of the research company JSC Infagro Vasily Vintonyak notes that for reduction of expenses during crisis practically all large molokopererabotchik in this way arrive. "From 300 milk-processing plants in Ukraine about 40 now stand idle", - he reported. "Practically all molokopererabotchik have deficiency of current assets: now in banks it is impossible to take the new credits, the payment discipline of retail networks" worsened, - the general director of Belotserkovsky dairy combine Andrey Rayenok told. Thus participants of the market note that the monthly sales volume of dairy products decreased in comparison with last year approximately by 5%.

The situation is aggravated with deficiency of raw materials. In 2008 the volume of its production fell to 4,1%, to 11,8 million liters. As a result at the end of last year in some regions purchase prices of milk grew on the average by 5-10%, participants of the market speak.It occurred generally in regions where the large producers of cheese having permission to its deliveries to the Russian Federation - from - for hryvnia exchange rate falling in relation to dollar in November work - December of last year it was very favorable to deliver cheese to Russia as the Russian ruble was devaluated more slowly, than hryvnia. According to participants of the market, in December from cheese sale in the Russian Federation it was possible to help out on the average 10% more, than from its realization in domestic market.

According to the marketing director "Yunimilk - Ukraine" Maxim Kuchko to keep the market positions, in the next three - four months molokopererabotchik need to re-structure the range: to increase production of traditional products (drinking milk, cottage cheese, are swept away) and to reduce outputs of products of bonus group - dairy desserts, yogurts. "We refused release of some positions of dessert group under the Gurmanika trademark, - the general director of "The western dairy group" reported to the "Kommersant".

"Besides, owing to deficiency of milk processors, most likely, will increase output of products from powdered milk which they in long-term prospect can start importing", - Vasily Vintonyak is sure. According to "Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business" association, in 11 months 2008 from 94,5 thousand tons of the powdered milk made in Ukraine 41,3 thousand tons were exported only.


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