The National Bank lifted all limits on export of currency

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The National Bank allowed free movement of currency through border. Since July 27 natural persons will be able to take out and import into Ukraine any sums without restrictions and confirmation of a source of an origin of means.

Past week the Ministry of Justice registered the National Bank No. 520/15211 resolution "About movement of cash and bank metals through customs border of Ukraine" which the regulator liberalized conditions of import/export of cash foreign means. Since July 27 natural persons will be able to transport through border without written declaring at customs the sum in an equivalent to 10 thousand euros whereas earlier it made for the Ukrainian currency - 15 thousand UAH, foreign - $3 thousand in an equivalent (about 2 thousand euros). Over 10 thousand euros can be transported on condition of written declaring. Legal entities will be able to import or take out cash currency without sum restrictions through the plenipotentiary on the terms of the written declaration.

NBU lifted all limits on currency movement. After all earlier maximum level of export of the Ukrainian currency for the population made 50 thousand UAH (about 6,6 thousand euros), foreign - $10 thousand. It was possible to import into Ukraine foreign currency for the sum no more than $15 thousand. For operations over a limit it was necessary to obtain the individual license NBU and to confirm legality of an origin of means. According to new rules natural and legal entities also are allowed to send through the international mailings cash to 300 euros, whereas earlier - $100.

The last time of NBU raised a bar in August, 2005 - to $10 thousand from $6 thousand established in February, 2003. Then on condition of oral declaring natural persons - nonresidents моглы to take out and import to $3 thousand, whereas nonresidents - all to $1 thousand. In a year before the maximum limit made $5 thousand, and at the end of 1990-x years - $1 thousand

The solution of NBU is a consequence of growth of welfare of the population, bankers are sure. "Often those sums which were provided still, was insufficiently for private and business - activity.For Europe with the present costs of ten thousand dollars it isn't enough, - the first deputy chairman of the board of "Sberbank of Russia" (Ukraine) Vladislav Kravets is sure. - For example, the VIP-package on the final of the European Football Championship costs 8 thousand euro. Why to look at soccer, it is necessary to go and obtain the individual license? "

New rules give alternative to money transfers of the Ukrainians working abroad, after all at oral and written declaring the payment isn't raised. "People had more money, and not always conveniently to use a payment map. Especially as the guest workers working in Italy and Spain, started earning decent money, and they not really are on friendly terms with plastic cards", - the vice-chairman of board of Finance and Credit bank Sergey Borisov considers.

Liberalization of movement of currency through border won't lead to outflow of means from Ukraine. "Now there is such opportunity as export of money on cards - there isn't present restrictions, it is possible to take though one million. It turns out, on cards it is possible to transport, and cash it is impossible though the same essence, only from a card it will be necessary to pay the commission to 3%. It is absolutely correct and fair if there are no such formal restrictions", - mister Kravets notes. "Currency export by cash is not the mass phenomenon. The translation it is possible to send more, - Sergey Borisov speaks. - Besides now it is more imported currencies into the country, than it is taken out because to do business in Ukraine more profitable, than abroad".


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