Before leaving Anatoly Naumenko fell asleep for a new position with compliments the head of the Nikolaev regional appellate court

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Yesterday I took place a press - conference of the chief of the Nikolaev regional management of militia, the general - the major Anatoly Naumenko on which he told at the expense of what the Nikolaev militia managed to achieve such results in 2008.

According to Anatoly Naumenko, work was successful thanks to close cooperation of all power departments - SBU, prosecutor's offices, vessels and so forth. "We worked as one team", - the general - the major declared.

"It is necessary to construct normal legal system in the state. Today in the Nikolaev area, for all that, that judges are bad and good, court - the most rigid. Not without reason we were given business on "Marinchuk's" gang and "Moskal's" gang - where with hundreds killed people where million dollars "go". I can tell that if any serious business falls into "the Nikolaev judicial hands", it is finished", - Anatoly Naumenko declared.

Special compliments were deserved by the chairman of appellate court of the Nikolaev area Ivan Homik.

"I am grateful to the head of Appellate court of the Nikolaev area. This is very basic and decent person. I tell it already leaving. And if to it business gets on a table, it finishes it", - the general - the major emphasized.

But not still so well as though there was a wish. According to Anatoly Naumenko, it is necessary to carry out judicial reform and to remove inviolability from judges.


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