"Whether still will be". The number of the unemployed and the sum of debt on a salary grew twice

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The number of the busy population (aged from 15 till 70 years) for the first nine months 2008 increased on 5 400 people and made 559 900 people. The employment rate increased from 59,1% to 60,1%. The number of the unemployed decreased on 2 600 and made 49 100 people. These figures were sounded by the chief of head department of work and social protection Olga Sivoplyas at today's meeting in the Regional center of employment.

The picture for the first three quarters of the past year looked quite optimistically. However by the end of the year the situation considerably worsened.

The number of unoccupied citizens who were on the account in an employment service, at the end of the past year considerably exceeded expected indicators: planned that will be dismissed 19 345, and dismissed 26 448 people. Olga Sivoplyas explained it with the crisis phenomena.

As of January, 2009 16 unemployed applied for one vacancy in area. If to originate 2008, this quantity made eight people. That is, the number of the unemployed increased twice.

Level of the registered unemployment as of January made 3,5%. In January, 2008 this indicator was on "mark" of 2,9%.

With creation of workplaces now also туговато. Planned that in a year 36 thousand new workplaces (though it would be insufficiently) will be created, and created 34 900.

Crisis left the mark and on rates of repayment of a salary. If in January, 2008 the sum of debt made 11,5 million, in January, 2009 it was recorded of 23 million hryvnias - increased practically twice.

An enormous debt on payment of a salary have plant of 61 Communards, it is repair - mechanical plant, state farm "Tavriysky".

In 2008 in regions of area the special commissions on prevention of shadow employment worked. Checks of 8 200 subjects of managing were carried out, 2 700 violations are revealed.2 500 violations are eliminated, is legalized salaries on 1,1 million hryvnias.

For December, 2008 in unpaid holidays there were 15 300 people that is 56% more, than in November. These are 6% of the total number of permanent members of staff of area. Most the South Ukrainian enterprise "Yuzhenergostroy" (31), "Teploenergoseti's" (66) konstantinovsky assembly management, the Nikolaev firm of "Angel" (130) "sinned" in this plan shipbuilding plant of 61 Communards (679 people).

The number of workers who were in a mode of shortened working hours, in December, 2008 made 18 300 people that is 33,4% more, than in November. These are 7,2% of the total number of permanent members of staff. Most of all workers of GAHK "ChSZ" (1 995 people), river port (490), "Yuzhenergostroy" (190), plant of 61 Communards (878) suffered.

The greatest volumes of staff reduction in 2008 occurred at such enterprises, as "Dawn" - "Mashproyekt" (128 people), the Nikolaev sea trade port (86).

In 2009, according to Olga Sivoplyas, the increase in number of the unemployed at 5 500 people is expected.


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