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The financial condition of KP "Kiyevpasstrans" is critical. Auditors of GLAVKRU came to such conclusion by results of the carried-out audit, reports a press - department service.

For 2007 the enterprise received losses in the sum of 47,9 million UAH, in 9 months 2008 - 149,3 million UAH. The enterprise accounts payable throughout the auditing period grew by 3,2 times, and the coefficient of solvency decreased to 0,13 that there is three times less than standard value. Financing of economic activity of the enterprise is carried out, generally due to external loans.

On the one hand establishment of tariffs in a size which don't block the actual expenses on transportation of passengers and shortage of sources of a covering of this difference, and with another - rather high level of the actual expenses is the main reasons of such condition of the enterprise. Negatively the financial condition of the enterprise was affected by existence of a significant amount of exempts.

Expenses of operating activities in 2008 grew more than by a third compared with the similar period of 2007 and as of October 1, 2008 made 637,6 million UAH. The greatest specific weight in total amount of operating expenses occupy expenses on carrying out repairs and compensation. Among other expenses - payment of percent for using the credits.

The increase in depreciation charges at 33% is caused by updating of a rolling stock. In particular, throughout the auditing period of KP "Kiyevpasstrans" for means of the local budget got 418 units of vehicles. Updating of a rolling stock caused increase in depreciation charges in 9 months 2008 on 56,7 million UAH, and respectively - increase in production prime cost.

However, near the objective reasons of unprofitability, the situation was worsened by factors which quite depended on administrative decisions of the management of KP "Kiyevpasstrans". Only as a result non-use by the enterprise of available opportunities of obtaining the income of loss I reached 6,5 million UAH

In 2008 from implementation of subscription coupons it is half-received the income for the sum of 1,6 million UAH. Over 2,7 million UAH of the income lost KP "Kiyevpasstrans" and 282,8 thousand UAH - the budget of.Kiev as a result of substitution of lease contracts by contracts of services and understating of the size of rates of a rent on real estate.

By the enterprise with violations of requirements of the legislation it is bought goods and works for the sum of 608,6 million UAH and without application of tender procedures - works on 1,3 million UAH


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