In the Nikolaev area the number of jobless villagers reached 15 thousand people

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The nominal average monthly salary of one permanent member of staff occupied in economy of area (without hired employees of statistically small enterprises and taken from natural persons - businessmen), in 2008 made 1620,81 UAH, and for 34,8% exceeded an indicator of 2007, and also by 2,4 times - level of the living wage established for able-bodied persons (669 UAH).

Real wage level (taking into account a consumer price index on goods and services) for 2008 in comparison with 2007 grew by 5,3%.

As of January 1, 2009 of 4,5 thousand working economically active enterprises suffered from untimely payment of a salary. Thus to each of them on the average it isn't paid on 2519,79 UAH that is 55,5% more than a size of the average salary added in 2008 to one permanent member of staff.

Total amount of an unpaid salary in area for January 1, 2009 made 23 million UAH and in relation to December 1, 2008 decreased by 21,7%, and by January 1, 2008, on the contrary, increased by 55,4%. In January, 2009 30,9 thousand citizens not occupied with work that is 18,9% more, than in January, 2008 used services of public service of employment. From among unoccupied, 93,8% got the official status of the unemployed.

In comparison with February 1 of last year, the number of the registered unemployed increased by 22,2% and made 27,4 thousand people, from which 15,1 thousand - inhabitants of rural areas. Level of the registered unemployment for this date made 3,7% of number of resident population at able-bodied age and in comparison with a last year's indicator increased by 0,7 items. For January 1, 2009 the settlement number of the cash population of area made 1195,8 thousand people. For 2008 population decreased by 7,7 thousand people, reports Head department of statistics in the Nikolaev area.


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