In Europe are afraid that excitements in Ukraine will give a free hand to the Kremlin

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If the economic crisis and a difficult political situation causes social excitements in Ukraine, it can give Russia a reason for intervention.

So the London newspaper "Deyli Telegraf" considers, reports in a press - the Radio "Svoboda" review.

So, the London edition disturbs "not only default threat in Ukraine, but also extremely disturbing political situation".

The newspaper quotes the head of the European bank of reconstruction and development Thomas Mirov who calls Kiev that "the Ukrainian power took favorable complex measures as it is strict need".

"Political risks in Ukraine the huge. In the state the big Russian minority which majority of representatives live in areas near border with Russia that opens to the Kremlin doors for intervention if crisis causes social excitements" is, - writes "Daily Telegraph".

London "Economist" also emphasizes that the inner world is extremely necessary for Ukraine and "not only about a human eye".

In turn, Austrian "Dee Presse" writes that in Kiev are afraid of control from Russian "Gazprom" which shows almost the greatest interest to a taking the Ukrainian transit pipe and all gas transmission system.

It is known that the former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder who now works for "Gazprom" was one of initiators of the international consortium for use of the Ukrainian GTS.


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