At the Nikolaev gas stations in tanks fill in low-quality gasoline

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Motorists of Nikolayevshchina noticed that is frequent at our gas stations gasoline low-quality. As far as it is true, checked competent authorities.

Last year the working group into which representatives of prosecutor's office entered, Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area, GP "Nikolayevstandartmetrologiya", inspectorate for control of the prices in the Nikolaev area and regional management for protection of the rights of consumers, checked 59 enterprises which are engaged in retail realization of oil products. In 34 from them any violations are found. For laboratory researches the checking selected 42 samples of oil products - diesel fuel and gasolines. 9 samples didn't conform to requirements of normative documents... So, in gasolines automobile overestimate of mass part of sulfur was revealed and the octane number is underestimated.

As the chief of the Nikolaev regional management for protection of the rights of consumers Valery Dashevsky reported, following the results of checks to 12 enterprises are applied administratively - economic sanctions and 31 officials are brought to administrative responsibility.


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