The chairman of labor union "Protection of justice" I. Boyko declared all over the country Plant problems of 61 Communards

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Yesterday in the UNIAN I took place a press - conference which was devoted to possible strike actions in the capital and regions. In the same row with the leader of the National forum of labor unions M. Yakibchuk there was also our fellow countryman, the trade-union fighter for the rights of labor staff of Plant of 61-го the Communard, the chairman of labor union "Protection of justice" I. Boyko.

He told about a situation which developed today at the state enterprise "Shipbuilding Plant of 61 Communards". I. Boyko noted that this situation already reached a critical point. The plant is in a deplorable state - factory capacities stand idle, orders aren't present, the labor collective works 2-3 days a week... If in 2008 at plant cases of vessels for foreign customers were under construction at least, now in general there is no work.

By words I. Quickly, since the beginning of year all labor collective "Shipbuilding plant of 61 Communards" is sent for the compelled idle time. When this idle time will end, anybody can't tell.

"Promise that idle time will end on March 2. But workers perfectly understand that on March 2 the situation won't change and if not to undertake any actions, the plant can die. If it happens, about 1400 people will be on street - employees of the enterprise without means of support. And they have families …", - I. Boyko declared.

He also added that the present management of plant of the actions, to be exact to tell inaction, brought the enterprise to a bankruptcy side. The salary isn't paid to employees of plant 5 months - since September, 2008. The debt on a salary already reached 6 million UAH. The accounts payable "Shipbuilding plant of 61 Communards" makes nearly 130 million

"Tens, hundreds people who ask "What to do address to us? How to be? ". Here and I ask - what to do? Addressed in prosecutor's office, speak - appeal to court, and many simply physically can't make it.Artificially, becoming attached to an economic crisis, work is almost stopped by orders of the plant manager. Plant obviously conduct to bankruptcy then to sell for nothing", - I. Boyko declared.

According to the chairman of labor union "Protection of justice", kommunarovets oppose categorically sale of fixed assets of the enterprise, after all it is an obvious way to death of plant.

The most awful and that work of the State enterprise "Shipbuilding Plant of a Name of 61 Communards" from the state practically isn't controlled, isn't analyzed and doesn't cope.

"Really to the country leaders it is uninteresting that the powerful enterprise worked and brought money in the budget? All say that in the near future the plant will be privatized also the investor - the effective owner - will bring an order. Labor collective against such course of events, after all in Nikolaev yet didn't forget privatization of other shipbuilding plant - ChSZ. After privatization of this enterprise it appeared on the verge of disappearance and now there the situation even is worse, than at plant of 61 Communards. 47% of the privatized enterprises of Ukraine before an economic crisis stopped the functioning. Who can guarantee the future of our plant? ", - I. Boyko asked.

Nikolayevets urged not to allow bankruptcy or thoughtless privatization of the enterprise, to create "Committee of rescue of Plant of a name of 61 Communards" who will care of the solution of the problems arising in crisis time, and to look for an exit from current situation.

According to him, on March 2 in Nikolaev the large-scale action in which all workers "Shipbuilding plant of 61 Communards" plan to participate practically will be held.


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