Pepsi enclosed more than $35 million in "Sandora's" development

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The Pepsi company invested in development of the largest Ukrainian producer of juice of JSC Sandora (The Nikolaev area) more than $35 million from the moment of enterprise purchase by summer of 2007.

"From the moment of company purchase more than $35 million are invested in its development", - "Sandora's" director general Neil Starrok in interview to the Ukrainian newspaper "Business" reported.
He noted that "Sandora" didn't demand big investments as was "the modern modernized enterprise with the developed infrastructure and a strong portfolio of brands".

According to N. Starrok, investments were used on purchase of the additional equipment after which installation of power of "Sandora" increased by 10%. Besides, the company directed considerable part of funds on purchase of the branded refrigerators.

N. Starrok also reported that last year "Sandora" increased sales of juice production by 6% in comparison with 2007. Now the company doesn't feel decrease in demand for production, but doesn't exclude in the current year insignificant recession in the market of juice.

"If following the results of 2009 of sale of juice drinks in Ukraine appear at least at last year's level, it can be considered as quite decent indicator", - the general director of the company told.

He also noted that recently work of the company is complicated by devaluation of the Ukrainian national currency as it buys part of juice concentrates abroad. "Already there was two rise in prices for our production (generally - more than for 10%), and, probably, we should raise still the prices within the next several months", - N. Starrok told.

According to him, the latest events in the currency market of Ukraine forced the company, though isn't considerable, but to change the range in favor of juice which can be made from the Ukrainian raw materials. However the company doesn't intend to refuse production made from import raw materials, from - for demand preservations in Ukraine on exotic juice.

As it was reported, in 2007 of the PepsiCo and PepsiAmericas company got 100% of authorized capital of JSC Sandora.

Capacities of the company include plant on processing of fruit, vegetables and to production of juice (The Nikolaev area), the plant on production of juice (The Nikolaev area), two plants on processing of fruit and vegetables (The Crimea and the Kherson area), reports


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