"Nikolayevgaz" escaped in leaders on abuses of a monopoly position

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If a few years ago the Nikolaev management of JSC Ukrtelekom was most malicious "zloupotrebitel" a monopoly position, following the results of the past year in leaders "Nikolayevgaz" escaped. "Likely, because there young vigorous heads who got used to resolve issues coolly. And "Nikolayevgaz" not only abused the monopoly position, but also sought to extend the monopoly to the adjacent markets", - told today, on February 25, on a press - conferences the head of territorial office of AMKU Yury Drobilko.

Examples of "innovations" which are introduced by "Nikolayevgaz", really impress. For example, if the consumer wanted that works on design or construction of gas systems were carried out not by "Nikolayevgaz", and other performer, at this other performer "interesnost" in work with "Nikolayevgaz" began: at the request for technical conditions in "Nikolayevgaz" from the contractor demanded to provide the notarized power of attorney (like "we don't believe that between you and the performer the contract" is signed).

Services of the notary cost a certain money, respectively, a sum which the consumer as a result had to pay, increased. And "Nikolayevgaz" appeared in more favorable conditions. According to Yu.Drobilko, it led to that only for a month of "Nikolayevgaz" "drew" on itself 13% of the market of these services. Following the results of consideration of the case which got AMKU territorial administration upon abuse of a monopoly position, "Nikolayevgaz" was made responsible in the form of a penalty of 12 thousand UAH

However, as reported Yu.The crusher, "Nikolayevgaz" still argues in vessels with the solution of AMKU - tomorrow, on February 26, in the Odessa appellate economic court the "Nikolayevgaz" appeal on the decision of economic court of the Nikolaev area which confirmed correctness of territorial administration of AMKU will be considered.

2008 and other "idea" of "Nikolayevgaz" is celebrated. If the autonomous heating copper was acquired at "Nikolayevgaz", this enterprise imposed to citizens of service of the first introduction in operation of these gas devices.

Though to do this "Nikolayevgaz" shouldn't as isn't the official representative of producers of coppers, the staff of "Nikolayevgaz" wasn't trained by producers, therefore, their intervention deprived of consumers of gas of the rights for guarantees of the producer of such brands, as "HERMANN", "IMMERGAS", "BONGIOANNI", "SAUNIER DUVAL", "Protherm", "ROCTERM". The administrative board of office of AMKU qualified "Nikolayegaz" actions as abuse of a monopoly position as start-up of gas could be executed by other subjects of managing, and not just "Nikolayevgaz".

For this violation the penalty was imposed on "Nikolayevgaz" of 17 thousand UAH

It not the last example of fight of "Nikolayevgaz" with competitors. So, in regional office of AMKU JSC Ukrgazservice addressed, one of which kinds of activity is retail trade in the liquefied gas who reported that in "nikolayevgazovskikh" receipts on payment information on comparison of the prices of the liquefied gas at gas gas stations of JSC Ukrgazservice and JSC Nikolayevgaz, certainly, not in favor of the competitor of "Nikolayevgaz" contained. But actually, as speak in AMKU, information of reality didn't correspond.

Yury Drobilko told and that at delivery of technical conditions of "Nikolayevgaz" suggested subjects of managing to buy which - what subjects of that they are very necessary for development of networks of "Nikolayevgaz". In one case it was required to get any sensors worth 30 thousand UAH everyone, in other - the laptop, and in one of cases asked to buy … two Lanos cars.

And, apparently, businessmen which - that got. For today regional management of AMKU passed the decision on these facts and sent it not examination to head office of AMKU. As are inclined to consider in regional office, a penalty which as a result will be imposed on "Nikolayevgaz", will cover all expenses of businessmen.

However you shouldn't think that "Nikolayevgaz" "innovations" in an earning of means for themselves remained past year. On February 23 in the regional state administration the meeting with participation of the deputy head of regional office of AMKU Victor Volik and chief physicians of hospitals of area took place.

The purpose of this meeting - to try to save the budget from big financial losses conditions for which "Nikolayevgaz" put in new contracts on gas providing for 2009. The matter is that these contracts contain the requirement to the budgetary enterprises - to consumers of gas precisely to specify amount of gas which in each concrete month of year will be used. All anything, apparently, would specify and forgot. However there is in these contracts "interesting" a condition: in case the consumer touches the amount of gas specified earlier or won't gather additionally, it will have to pay a difference in a double size.

And that each consumer - the budgetary organization will try not to gather additionally a limit, - is absolute: The law on the state budget this year from state employees demanded 20-percentage economy of energy resources. But it is necessary to pay to them under the contract with "Nikolayevgaz" anyway!

Problem in that for today contractual campaign came to the end for a long time, and heads of the organizations signed contracts with "Nikolayevgaz", without getting a grasp, and forgot to think of them. Therefore the regional office of AMKU recommended the regional state administrations, and that, in turn, - to all managers of budgetary funds to renew contracts with "Nikolayevgaz", having excluded from the new contracts "interesting" points. The same recommendation, according to Yu.Drobilko, will be prepared also by JSC Nikolayevgaz.

It is necessary to add that the head with the leader on abuses of a monopoly position goes to the head also JSC EK Nikolayevoblenergo. While this year of high-profile cases concerning "Nikolayevoblenergo" it wasn't considered, but solid (on the sum of the caused damage) business the head of regional office of AMKU told about one.

It is a question of a situation in the Bashtansky area when to Bashtansky interdistrict management of a water management of "Nikolayevoblenergo" disconnected the electric power during the drought (in May) for debt existence. The debt was satisfied, but to connect the electric power of "Nikolayevoblenergo" didn't hurry, demanding payment under the disputable act about violations of the rules of using the electric power.

As a result management of a water management of 20 days couldn't provide meliorative services to agricultural producers that led to crop loss.According to victims, Yu.Drobilko reported, it is a question of damage in 12 million UAH which could try to be compensated, having appealed to court.

But "to butt" in court with monopolists subjects of managing to be afraid, with regret speak in AMKU regional office. Also add that in a bashtansky case the penalty was imposed on "Nikolayevoblenergo" of 17 thousand UAH (it is the maximum sum which can fine regional office - an editor's note), with what energy drinks disagreed though courts of several instances were won by AMKU.


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