NBU thought up a sound populist way to arrange mass speculation in currency

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The National Bank tries to reduce agiotage buying up of dollars by the population. Yesterday after a meeting with heads of the largest banks the acting chairman of NBU Anatoly Shapovalov reported that next week natural persons will be able to buy currency for repayment of the credits at the rate of National Bank interventions.

For this purpose banks will have to give to NBU of graphics of payments on such credits and buy currency at auctions. Bankers consider that NBU will much quicker spend now reserves because banks already thought up the scheme according to which will buy currency for the future.

"It will be one of steps that people didn't run on exchange offices and broke a course, - the official considers. - After all the dollar - the same goods, which price forms a supply and demand".

According to Anatoly Shapovalov, the population will be able soon to buy currency on repayment of the credits on "special course". "Banks created the working group to fulfill the mechanism, - he noted. - When it will finish work, I don't know. If in three days, target auctions are next week". To strengthen falling of dollar, NBU will cut by half an open currency position (H13 standard - to 30% of the capital) and will reduce hryvnia reservation under the currency credits.

Bankers say that new administrative measures will have positive impact on the currency market. "Certainly, it will be heavy to get rid of a half of a currency position because all banks will break standards, - the director of treasury of one of the largest banks speaks. - But in the short period it will increase the currency offer in the market". However in NBU bankers are skeptical about an initiative of submission of lists of repayments. "The National Bank receives from us daily information, including the currency size of a mortgage portfolio by which now most of all problems in repayment, - the deputy chairman of large foreign bank speaks. - It isn't necessary any working groups. That was discussed, can be replaced simply with the solution of NBU on sale of currency not only for import contracts, but also for repayment of the credits of natural persons. This statement - a curtsey towards the population".The currency credits of the population made for February 1 of $25,35 billion, whereas National Bank reserves - $28,82 billion

Besides, bankers assume mass speculation with purchase on "special course" not only from NBU, but also from banks. "When the National Bank says that for someone there is a cheap course, all become at once borrowers on a mortgage, - one of treasurers explains. - I will take a mortgage in the bank, I will buy dollars as for repayment, and then I will sell them at other course. And if to me the VIP-client with a request comes to make such purchase, I, of course, will do for him everything possible. After all the National Bank won't be able to check payments of each client, but only balances of portfolios". Other banker says that the volume of the currency sold by NBU on submitted lists, won't coincide with real volumes of repayment of the credits: some clients detain payments, and others - come to repay beforehand. Therefore if all want to satisfy quickly debts or there will be circuit "borrowers", NBU should sell more currency. "It will put the additional pressure upon NBU reserves", - the director of treasury "Subsidiary bank of Sberbank of Russia" Dmitry Zolotko is sure.


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