The representative of FGI will be included into the supervisory board of ChSZ

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The state property fund (FGI) of Ukraine owning the minority equity stake of JSC Black Sea Shipbuilding Plant (ChSZ, Nikolaev), would like to enter the representative in the supervisory board of the company, the vice-chairman of FGI Alexander Potimkov on Wednesday told to journalists.

"We on - former are shareholders of ChSZ from 9% of actions and we ask to include our representative in structure of the supervisory board. We want that our person there was", - told the deputy head of Fund.

Thus it explained that for this purpose it isn't obligatory to bring out of structure of NANOSECOND of other members - it is possible to increase quantitative structure of council.

As marked out the vice-president of FGI, it is important to Fund to trace a situation at this difficult enterprise in the economic plan. At the same time he emphasized need to find a common language with investors.

According to A.Potimkov, FGI approved changes of investment obligations of the owner of ChSZ, in particular, transition from tonnage to a hryvnia equivalent of the minimum output.

"According to new conditions, the owner of ChSZ has to provide production in volume at least 360 million UAH a year whereas earlier there was a condition of processing of 60 thousand tons of metal", - he told.

The vice-president noted that metal prices fell many times therefore at the new prices this condition is almost equivalent to the previous. Thus he emphasized that all social obligations of the investor and the obligation to budgets of various levels and social funds are kept or even are strengthened.

The representative of FGI added that soon the Fund intends to present the transparent mechanism of possible revision of investment obligations taking into account crisis which negatively influences work of the enterprises. According to him, changes of a market situation in many cases objectively demand correction of obligations, for example, replacement of requirements about increase in output at increase of its efficiency.

"However anyway social obligations have to be kept", - he emphasized.

As it was reported, JSC Kherson Shipbuilding Plant (HSZ), since December, 2007 of owning 90,95% of ChSZ, in the summer of 2008 appealed to FGI to change terms of the contract of purchase and sale of ChSZ concluded by Fund with the former owner of plant - JSC Sudmashprom (Nikolaev). The new investor was ready to take the obligation to provide output by 2010 in 360 million UAH whereas the existing contract provided till 2006 production of not less than 60 thousand tons in a metal working equivalent.

ChSZ - one of the largest ship-building shipyards of Ukraine. At the same time in 2006 the enterprise reduced net income by 3,1 times, and in 2007 - by 5,9 times, to 6,5 million UAH, and its net loss in 2007 made 32,82 million UAH

HSZ - one of the largest ship-building enterprises of Ukraine. Now 99,3% of actions of joint stock company own group of strategic private investors, including 83,6% - JSC Evroresurs (Kiev) which got this package in 2004 at the competition announced by FGI for 52,17 million UAH. As the main shareholder the businessman Vadim Novinsky acts.


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