On salary level Nikolayevshchina on 9 - m a place in Ukraine

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In January, 2009 the number of permanent members of staff of the enterprises, establishments, the organizations without hired employees of statistically small enterprises and at citizens - businessmen made 251,5 thousand people.

The nominal average monthly salary of this category working in economy of area made 1559 UAH. In relation to December, 2008 the size of a salary decreased by 21%, and by January, 2008 grew by 14%.

The salary in the main spheres of economy of area made: in the industry - 2036 UAH; agriculture - 954 UAH. The ratio of levels of a salary in these kinds of activity made 2,1 times.

Its considerable decrease in comparison with December of last year was noted at workers: constructions - for 35%, or for 706 UAH; the industries - for 23%, or for 621 UAH; agriculture and the organizations which carry out operations with real estate, rent, engineering and render services to businessmen - for 20%, or 236 UAH and 350 UAH respectively; fish breeding, fishery, health care and providing the social help - for 17%, or for 126 UAH and 232 UAH respectively; the organizations providing the municipal and individual services, engaged in activity in the culture and sports sphere - for 16%, or for 217 UAH

The most highly paid still have work of workers of railway transport, the financial sphere, engaged in production and distribution of the electric power, gas and water, metallurgical production and production of finished metal products, the pipeline transport, providing additional transport services and auxiliary operations. Compensation in these kinds of activity exceeded the average value which has developed in economy of area by 1,4-2,3 times.

At the same time low level of a salary was noted at the workers occupied in production of rubber and plastic products, in fish breeding, fishery, at the enterprises for processing of wood and production of products from a tree, except furniture, textile production, production of clothes, fur and products from fur, agriculture, trade; car repairs, household products and subjects of personal consumption.The salary size in these kinds of activity didn't exceed 66% of a regional average indicator.

Level of a salary of workers of area made 94% from nation-wide, or was less it for 106 UAH

Among regions of Ukraine on salary level the area in January took the 9th place after Donetsk, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhye, Odessa areas and the cities of Kiev and Sevastopol.

The real wage in January, 2009 in comparison with December, 2008 decreased by 23%, and in comparison with January, 2008 - for 7%.


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