The "salt" panic came and to Nikolaev. However experts say that the objective reasons for emergence of deficiency of salt aren't present

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The "salt" panic which has captured inhabitants of a number of areas of the country a week ago, came to our edges. Yesterday in the majority of the Nikolaev shops there was no food salt - both in packings, and on развес. Sellers explain it with an excessive demand for this product, arisen in the last days of February.

"The people buying earlier salt no more than a kilogram of times in three months, and even half a year, now buy it in tens kilograms. Also explain it with hearings about closing of the Ukrainian salt mines and the forthcoming increase of price of salt by 2-3 times, - salesclerks speak.

However experts say that the objective reasons, except panic moods of citizens, for emergence of deficiency of salt aren't present. The state enterprise "Artem Salt" continues to work as before, however, the probability insignificant increase of the price of stone salt exists.

It is symptomatic that the increased demand extended on one "sign" goods - matches. Psychologists consider that in this case works fixed in subconsciousness of people, especially advanced age, an associative chain - bread, salt, matches, etc.

It is interesting that in one of areas where the salt boom arose earlier, than at us, the SBU was engaged in searches of distributors of panic hearings almost local.


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