ChSZ won't revive

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The fund of the state property and the investor of "The Black Sea shipbuilding plant" - under control to the Russian businessman Vadim Novinsky "The Kherson shipbuilding plant" were reconsidered by investment obligations. Alexey Garkusha, Vladimir Chaika, Vladimir Matveev, Sergey Isakov and Sergey Vlasenko expressed the opinion, than it threatens ChSZ and shipbuilding of Ukraine.

As experts consider, replacement of annual processing of 60 thousand tons of metal by output of 360 million hryvnias says that the shipbuilding will stop being ChSZ primary activity - there is no time the giant of world shipbuilding.

Governor of the Nikolaev area Alexey Garkusha: "It is difficult to say today that it will bring, but anyway if the concrete indicator which characterizes specifically vessel construction branch - volumes of processing of metal - is diversified and given the chance to calculate totally then it is possible to speak about any activity of the enterprise. That is it will be the sum corresponding, and than it will be filled - that is another matter.

I according to this decision yet didn't see the official document. At us the meeting with representatives of the Smart — Holding company further we will take place we will speak about prospects".

Mayor of Nikolaev Vladimir Chaika: "I think that it is a trick which will lead to that was right at the beginning. There will be a catch that we don't carry out ton, then don't carry out hryvnias, and finally the enterprise will stop the existence. I wouldn't like it, and I think that at a today's stage we will do everything possible that this ring around the city to Nikolaev was supported.

I will meet once again investors, let they will show the business - the plan in the conditions of crisis, at least preliminary. Because without it there won't be able to be a prospect in the city of Nikolaev".

People's Deputy from KPU Vladimir Matveev: "It is impossible to change investment obligations until the part of investment obligations which were before is executed at least.

I extremely am negative to it. It changed nothing for staff of plant which there remained, for the remains of state ownership, for the former state ownership it changed nothing! They won't return debt to the Pension fund, they won't return debt on a salary which are.

In investment obligations it was written that they will develop shipbuilding. What they want to make now? Loading complex? I consider that it is nonsense incredible".

Director of shipbuilding plant "Liman" Sergey Isakov: "Investment obligations which were initially written is a full nonsense. I consider that was initially incorrectly made because us as inhabitants of Ukraine, the number of tons of metal interests not, us economic effect which we will have from this enterprise interests, and it is profit which gets the enterprise, and as a result pays taxes, it is an enterprise turn.

Besides, us the amount of metal doesn't interest, us interests - how many people will work there what will be paid to them a salary. And from this point of view, of course, the turn of the company has to interest us more, something that at the enterprise do. To me, for example, all the same, than will earn the Black Sea plant, the main thing that it earned money and from this money I did the corresponding contributions to the budget.

From this point of view approach correct, and in what the Black Sea plant … we will be engaged - that with you all the same we don't influence this process, by and large.

Production volume in terms of money it is more correct. 360 million hryvnias are rather big figure. Another thing is that we, citizens of Ukraine, from it will receive. Change says that figures in expression of thousands of tons are absolutely incorrectly written, in terms of money it is more correct. Though besides - inflation. For the ship-building enterprise after all it is correct to sound it in dollars or euro because ship-building production is measured in such sizes.

My opinion that the Black Sea plant won't be as ship-building".

The president Nikolayevskoy regional торгово - industrial chamber Sergey Vlasenko: "Today, in the conditions of being developed crisis, change of investment obligations looks absolutely differently, than a year ago.If refusal of the rigid requirement of volume of the processed metal and a formulation of obligations in a hryvnia equivalent helps to adjust steady work of production - such decision of the State property fund can be welcomed only.

Unfortunately, the situation in world shipbuilding changed very strongly. It is clear that all of us in Nikolaev very jealously treat preservation of our well-known shipyards, but today it is important to keep workplaces, to ensure steady functioning of the enterprises".


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