Budgetary funds in the Nikolaev area are mastered for 99%

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At the end of February on Minzhilkomkhoz's board which took place under the chairmanship of the Minister of housing and communal services of Ukraine Alexey Kucherenko, work results zhilishchno - municipal services for 2008-й year and objectives on 2009-й were discussed.

The state budget of Ukraine for 2008 provided a subvention to local budgets on actions for energy saving, including: equipment of engineering inputs of multiroom houses means of the accounting of a water consumption and thermal energy, repair and reconstruction of thermal networks and boiler rooms, construction of gas pipelines and gasification of settlements.

In Kiev 66% of budgetary funds are mastered. In Cherkassk, Hmelnitsky andNikolaevareas - over 99%. As a whole, development of noted subvention in 2008, in comparison with the previous period, grew by 6,4%.

For 2008 1736 associations of co-owners of apartment houses (ACOAH) were formed that on 98 units (6%) exceeds number of the associations created for the previous period.

Positive experience on assistance of creation and activity of associations of co-owners of apartment houses is acquired and inNikolaev, where the Center of support of an initiative of inhabitants from the OSMD organization works. Similar structures work and in other settlementsNikolaevareas - New Odessa, Voznesensk, Bashtanka, Martynovk. They give information support concerning creation of associations in Vinnytsia, the Chernigov area, Zhitomir.

Slows down process of creation of such associations an unresolved issue concerning participation of the former owner of the house in financing of capital repairs (provided by the legislation) at a stage of transfer of housing stock on balance of associations.

In regions process of reduction of tariffs to economically reasonable level proceeds. For January 1, 2009 inNikolaev, along with Dnepropetrovsk, Zhitomir, Zaporozhye, Ternopol, Kherson, Chernovtsy, Chernigov, the full recovery is reached by the population of cost of services in the maintenance of houses, constructions and house adjoining territories.

For the purpose of attraction of domestic and foreign investments into branch and formation of favorable investment climate the Agreement on the loan ("The project of development of city infrastructure") between Ukraine and the International bank of reconstruction and development is ratified on September 24, 2008.

The project is carried out at the expense of the loan of World bank on the terms of 100-percentage crediting.


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