The SBU withdrew documents from "Naftogaz"? Europe starts being afraid

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Representatives of Security service of Ukraine owing to a search in "Naftogaz" on Wednesday withdrew the documents connected with a transfer of gas on 2.6 bln. dollars which was appointed for Eastern Europe, and got "illegally" to "Naftogaz" storages.

About it writes "Financial Times" with reference to the unnamed official representative of SBU, transfers "Bee - Bee - Xi".

And in "Naftogaz" say about fear that the SBU controlled by the president Victor Yushchenko, probably, tries to intercept control over gas supply.

The newspaper calls this search race for power escalation between Yushchenko and the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko only in some days after they agreed to postpone all divergences to receive the second tranche of the International Monetary Fund.

As writes "Financial Times", heads in Brussels and Moscow say that the investigation excited after a search concerning "Naftogaz" warms up fears concerning reliability of supply of the Russian gas to Europe through Ukraine.

And "Independent" writes that the SBU looked for originals of the documents signed in Moscow by 19-го of January by prime ministers of Ukraine and Russia in "Naftogaz".

The newspaper reminds that before the next calculation with "Gazprom" there were 3 days, and many assume that Ukraine won't be able to pay that again will lead to interruptions.

Independent notes that partially Ukraine could reduce the accounts, having agreed about reduction for 25% of gazosnabzheniye as its industry suffered a big loss from - for the international financial crisis. And besides she counts on the second tranche of the credit from the IMF which as speak informally, "wants additional guarantees as the first tranche disappeared on not identified private accounts".

"The search carried out in Naftogaz also strengthens and without that the point of view widespread in the international power circles: at the beginning of a year dispute first of all concerned not the price as Russia insisted, and not as Ukraine assured, its punishments for the pro-European and pro-NATO aspirations. That dispute was conducted concerning what and in whose pockets will settle money", - spoken in article.

Independent considers that elimination from a chain of the intermediary company "Rosukrenergo", probably, deprived of dividends of key interested parties.

"If dispute is resumed, dynamics in comparison with January can change. Then the European Union could cover the most part of the half-received energy that weakened the Russian whip brought over the European Union a little. However, with that the lever of Ukraine as transit route on the western markets" was weakened also, - notes the edition.


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