Victor Gorbachev won't calm down in any way … Its personnel didn't want to serve the director of most major company - from - for the Caucasian appearance...

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" already wrote, how at Sotka restaurant, quite famous inNikolaevinstitution, international discord is kindled.

We will remind that the owner of "Hundred part" Victor Gorbachev forbade the workers to serve at restaurant of Caucasians. Just recently in this institution there was an unpleasant incident when the waitress refused to serve the young man, motivating it with that that is similar to "Caucasian".

This case became enough resonant. Actions ex-the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine was condemned by the majority of politiciansNikolaevareas. It rose even in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies at meeting of the Advisory board of parties and public organizations of the city of Nikolaev, at discussion of the question "About Support of Cultural Development of Ethnic Minorities". From sources in prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area it became known that they on this fact also make the investigation.

But a cart, under genre laws, and nowadays there... Victor Gorbachev on - former continues "to bend" the line and to him, seemingly, to spit on everything and on all.

On Sunday, March 1, our correspondent became the witness of history which in accuracy reminds that that caused so wide public response.

In restaurant, on the first floor, two men - in suits rose and at ties. Having sat down for a little table, they probably hoped that will serve them. But not here - that was. Within half an hour none of the personnel didn't approach to them.

After half-hour expectation they decided to invite to themselves the waitress. The girl approached and issued the learned phrase: "We don't serve Azerbaijanians".

Visitors became puzzled and tried to find out, in what business. Literally at once to them the employee of PMBR "Golden eagle" jumped up and in a rough form asked to leave an institution.

To indignation of visitors of an institution whom that evening in "Hundred part" it appeared much, there was no limit. They also explained to the employee of "Golden eagle", it is impossible what so to behave.

As a result of men didn't serve though they are people quite famous and dear not only in Ukraine, but also in neighboring countries.

It is probably interesting to you who exactly suffered from "silly petty tyranny" Victor Gorbachev?

The owner of the Gadzhiyev state of emergency major company which is engaged in passenger traffic not only in the territory of Ukraine appeared one of them. These are its buses which services we use, ply across all Ukraine. And the second man - his partner from Donetsk.

Reference:Fazil Gadzhiyev - the business owner. I was born in Azerbaijan. I graduated from school in Baku. I passed military service inNikolaev.I worked as the turner at Mashproyekt plant. In 1985 I signed the contract and I went to work as the turner of the fifth category for Progress plant, to Germany. In 1995 I registered the Gadzhiyev state of emergency firm which is today one of the largest pasazhiroperevozchik in Ukraine. In 15 years of existence of state of emergency "Gadzhiyev" there was no dorozhno - transport incident with participation of the buses registered in this firm.

So who will be able to master with "omnipotent" how it appears, V. Gorbachev? Or it can will deign to declare all rules which are established personally to them in own institutions? And can it is worth directing all the irrepressible energy on control of freshness of the ready salads sold in "Hundred part" to nikolayevets on развес better? But it so, to the word … And in general, Victor Sergeyevich, whether you reflected on collecting a press - conference and through mass media to tell the people about all existing rules and the reasons of adoption of such decisions? Put once and for all all end over "i" that all citizens and guests of Nikolaev knew who can come into your institution and for whom it is impossible.


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