"Having dealt" with the ex-the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs, the Nikolaev businessman Raphael Goroyan decided to be engaged in actor's activity

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Creative group as a part of the Art — Myuzik company, kontsertno - Young Guard advertizing agency and the NKTV company submit the new Nikolaev musical "At Intersections of Spring". The scenario - the known Nikolaev actor and the director Sergey Chverkalyuk. Producers of the project - Alexander Karpenchuk ("the Art - Myuzik") and Oleg Koshevoy ("Young guard").

On a subject outline the musical - free author's continuation of the first Nikolaev telemusical "Gold Amphora of Love" which left in air exactly a year ago. In Brazil there lives family of the Gipsy baron Micho Chekanarya which came a year ago into a huge fortune and reunited family bonds with a family of the Brazilian Gipsy baron. Micho starts grieving for Ukraine, and the daughter-in-law of the baron Donna Rosa decides to go to Nikolaev - to look for to the father-in-law the wife. In the same time in Nikolaev there lives a simple family - the father Vladimir Nikolaevich with the beauty daughter Svetlana. Very beautiful girl, it has Svetlana many rich and talented admirers, but it isn't possible to find the one and only prince to it. Where will get roads and destinies of our heroes, you learn on March 8. The movie is filled with kindness, humour and good music.

The best creative power of our city acted in the musical. The leading female role is played young, showing promises, by the actress Svetlana Veselkina. Also known Nikolaev shows are involved in leading roles - мэны Oleg Koshevoy and Valery Yurchenko. Other roles, besides actors of the Russian drama theater, representatives of the most unexpected professions - the singer, the poetess, musicians, directors of a taxi and tanning studio, and also the Nikolaev deputies Gennady Goncharovsky and Anatoly Semenkov execute.And even the infamous Nikolaev businessman Raphael Goroyan not only sponsored this action among other patrons, but also personally acted in one of roles! Probably at dear Raphael Vaagni appeared at last - that free from fight against big militia ranks that gave the chance to it to realize itself in a new form. Here really - there is no person once is talented …

We will remind that recently Raphael Vaagni was occupied "dismissal" the general - the militia major Anatoly Naumenko from a position of the chief of the Nikolaev regional management of militia. And now probably it had a lot of free time and he decided to become the actor …

The Nikolaev audience will be able to look at the musical "At Intersections of Spring" on March 8 at 19.00 on Saturn TV channel, at 20.00 on Mars — TV TV channel, with repetition on March 9 on Mars — TV TV channel in 2.00, 8.00 and 14.00.


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