The Ukrainian diplomats send from Romania. From - for espionage scandal?

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Romania sends the Ukrainian military attache and his assistant.

It was declared by the head of committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine concerning national security and defense Anatoly Gritsenko to the Segodnya newspaper.

"To me about it reported our government bodies. I can't call the reasons", - he reported, without going into details.

Experts connect expulsion of diplomats with recent espionage scandal when the Romanian professional soldier and the citizen of Bulgaria who sold secret military information allegedly to the representative of Ukraine were arrested.

According to Gritsenko, expulsion of the Ukrainian diplomats - unambiguously unfriendly step in relation to Ukraine, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has to send two Romanian diplomats in reply.

That the relations of two countries intense, proves also that fact that the president of Romania Traian Basescu cancelled the visit to Ukraine, planned for February 25-26.

Probably, all this is connected with scandal over the shelf section near the island Snake. About it many Ukrainian politicians consider the decision of the International Court of Justice unfair and frankly pro-Romanian.

It is known that the Verkhovna Rada on Tuesday heard the report then still the Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Ogryzko according to this decision then discharged it of a position.

Meanwhile, as notes "Today", Romania tries to expand success and now initiates at the level of the UN ecological investigation of rather Ukrainian project of the canal Danube - the Black Sea, demanding to stop on it navigation, - this channel competes with the Romanian course.


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