Head of DUSI: Балога never I flied at the expense of the state

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The head of Public administration by affairs Igor Tarasyuk declares that the head of the Secretariat of the president Victor Baloga didn't fly by Ukraine airline planes for the state account.

He declared it to the Segodnya newspaper, making comments on the corresponding charges brought against Balogi by deputies from "National self-defense".

"Have the right to use planes of the state enterprise "Ukraine" at the expense of the state only 3 persons - the president, the prime minister - the minister and the speaker of parliament. Can fly and ministers, but only at the request of the head of Cabinet of Ministers. And so, Baloga since became the head of the Secretariat, never used our planes. Well, maybe, with the president together I flied", - Tarasyuk told.

According to him, the part of fleet of "Ukraine" which isn't used by statesmen, is leased, however among tenants, according to documents, the surname of Balogi doesn't appear.

"Most often planes are leased to private airlines, but they don't tell us names of the passengers. Therefore I can't tell, whether there was among their clients Victor Baloga", - Tarasyuk reported.

At the same time, "Today" notes that the correspondent of a site "Observer" at the beginning of March, 2008 personally became the witness of how Baloga arrived in the Uzhgorod airport flight from Kiev by Learjet 60 plane. It was the charter flight who paid it - it isn't known, the newspaper writes.

The journalist determined by board number later that this plane American, "is registered" in Solt - лейк - city and is chartered by the Ukrainian company "Aerostar".

"Today" contacted the last, however there answered that Balogu don't serve and didn't serve never. However, they told the same about Hares Yusef, the Syrian businessman, the friend of the president Victor Yushchenko. But Hares before it admitted to the edition that is served in this company.

The newspaper notes that there were also assumptions with reference to the Uzhgorod mayor Sergey Ratushnyak that Learjet 60 can be property of Balogi. "Today" couldn't contact the head of the Secretariat of the president yet to check this information.

At the same time, chief п


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