The SBU will fight against BYuT by means of journalists

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The SBU accuses BYuT of discredit of department and suggests journalists to make joint with SBU investigation of a customs clearance of gas.

It was declared by the first deputy head of SBU Valery Khoroshkovsky at a briefing on Thursday.

"Because a certain political force wants to discredit Security service only to cover to itself a back in the short-sighted actions, we offer you, to journalists to make own journalistic investigation", - he told.

"We suggest to collect any journalistic pool. Submit applications that we together with you looked, how lawfully passed 1,7 billion dollars twice between "Naftogaz" and Gazprom, declarations on transition of the property right and a gas customs clearance" were how lawfully issued - Khoroshkovsky told, having promised that the SBU will publish the relevant documents.

Khoroshkovsky provided additional information concerning a gas customs clearance.

According to him, the customs clearance occurred at the request of the Cabinet in spite of the fact that "Naftogaz" under the law is the certain managing subject.

According to him, documents on customs registration give the grounds to speak about intervention from the Cabinet in procedures of customs control.

"That is "Naftogaz" actions about coordination of customs registration with Cabinet of Ministers and the subsequent indication of the government are a factor of administrative influence", - he considers.

"I want to check simply by means of you legality of these actions, and as for political aspect - the matter is that there is a lot of misinformation, lie, conditionally speaking, we aren't sure that we without the aid of a journalistic pool will manage to convince society of truthfulness of our actions", - Khoroshkovsky noted.


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