Espionage scandal in Romania want to discredit Ukraine before NATO?

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Espionage scandal in Romania is attempt of discredit of Ukraine before NATO.

It was declared by the former chief of the department of military information (investigation) of the General Staff of Armed forces of Romania the general in resignation of Mikhayyu Margarit to the Romanian newspaper "Adevarul" (release for March 4), the UNIAN reports.

He, in particular, commented on a situation round exclusion from Romania two Ukrainian military diplomats.

Маргарит declared that any espionage incidents are solved, as a rule, by confidential negotiations between the governments of the involved countries and exclusion of spies after the announcement their so-called "undesirable persons" (persons "non Grata").

"Arrest of the foreign spy with the subsequent publication of information on this case - business extraordinary", - I emphasized Margarit.

The retired Romanian general is sure that public coordination of this business with Ukraine is directed on that "to cause damage to the relations of the Ukrainian state with NATO".

For similar cases also I emphasized uncharacteristic publicity in the comment of the UNIAN ex-the head of SBU and Head department of investigation of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.

As the former chief of the department of military information of the General Staff of Romania emphasizes, "many don't want to see Ukraine in NATO structure".

It is known that the other day two Ukrainian soldiers of the diplomat were sent from Romania. Some mass media connected this case with participation of Ukraine in espionage scandal in which the Romanian officer and the citizen of Bulgaria appear. Also it was reported that the specified persons carried out prospecting activity in interests of Russia.

In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on a situation round the Ukrainian military diplomats on Wednesday, March 4, didn't make comments.

At the same time, in the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine confirmed the fact of early return from Romania to Kiev the Ukrainian military attache and his assistant.


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