Why the Nikolaev Jews will get drunk not 8, and on March 10

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Purim, perhaps, one of the most unusual Jewish holidays. This day it is allowed to children to rustle in a synagogue, and not only it is authorized to men, but even it is offered to get drunk.

On the Jewish calendar Purim note in the fourteenth day of month Adar - in memory of wonderful rescue of the Jews living in the Persian empire in far times of board of the tsar Akhashverosh. In those days Persia was the huge empire which entered 127 big and small states stretching from India to Ethiopia.

The city of Shushan (Susa) where there was a big Jewish community was the capital of the empire. For the third year of the reign Akhashverosh arranged multi-day nation-wide festival. In order that it became especially impressive, he ordered to provide presence during "an official dinner" heads of the Jewish national minority, and on minor celebrations - in general all Jews.

Akhashverosh's wife - the queen Vashti - moved herself on this feast in a defiant way, defiantly, and was "immediately eliminated". After long searches Akhashverosh chose to himself the new wife - Esther. Neither the tsar, nor court didn't know that Esther - the Jew.

Her uncle Mordechai was one of leaders of the Jewish people and at the same time court. Shortly after Esther became a queen, Mordechai caused a stir - opened plot against Akhashverosh. Record about it was made, but forgot to award Mordechai. Aman, the prime minister - the minister at the tsar Akhashveroshe, hated both Mordechai, and all Jews.

He managed to entice at the tsar permission in one day to destroy Jews in all empire. Choosing day of execution, Aman cast lots - Pur. From here the holiday name - Purim. But Mordechai solved his plan. He addressed to all Jews that they repented and prayed, and Esther he ordered to address to the tsar and to rescue the people.

Esther invited the tsar and nothing suspecting Aman to herself to a feast where exposed it before the tsar. Aman was executed on the gallows which was already prepared for Mordechai, and the Jewish people were rescued from destruction. Such is, in brief, history of emergence of a holiday.

Purim's main law is reading the book "Esther's Roll" where all old events are in detail described. Read "Roll" two times - in the evening and in the morning.During reading each time when Aman's name sounds, all rustle, whistle, stamp feet, rustle with graggerses. It is accepted to send to Purim each other entertainments, and not less than two names. Traditional dish on Pury are triangular poppy pies. They are called "Aman's Ears" or "гоменташи".

Also in Purim it is accepted to make gifts to needing people. This year Purim is celebrated on March 10. As well as all Jewish dates and holidays, Purim begins the day before, with sunset, that is on March 9 in the evening. The first reading a roll will be in a synagogue at 19.00. The second - on March 10 at 10.30

Two months ago Jews celebrated the Hanukkah which immortalized rescue of Jews from spiritual destruction, and Purim symbolizes fight for a physical survival of the Jewish people. Therefore Purim's celebration includes the moments not only spiritual, but also purely material, as though urged to declare on the whole world: The Lord rescued us and here, we live and we have fun! Purim's fun - also, some kind of, demonstration of vital force of the Jewish people, and this demonstration takes place in the face of Aman's successors, all those who would like to continue his dirty deed.

The cheerful feast on Pury is too a precept. On a feast adults are allowed to get drunk to such an extent that they will cease to distinguish between "Aman is damned" and "Mordechai is blessed". And for Purim arrange a cheerful carnival - "Purimshpil". Children and adults dress up in different ridiculous or terrible suits. Traditionally "Purimshpil" will pass and in the Nikolaev synagogue. It will be cheerful!


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