The representative of labor staff of plant of 61 Communards: "We managed to get to V. Litvin only thanks to NFPU support"

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" wrote about that, that on March 2, the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Vladimir Litvin held a meeting with representatives of the GP "Shipbuilding Plant of a Name of 61 Communards" labor collective.

We will remind that it became possible after kommunarovets on the air of Inter TV channel declared the problems, and then, during the same air, V. Litvin suggested to carry out on Monday, at 10.00, meeting in Rada during which deputies will try to solve the problems which have developed at plant.

During a meeting the state of affairs at the enterprise which now, according to representatives of labor collective, is in critical financially - an economic situation was discussed.

According to participants of a meeting, according to data from the National forum of labor unions of Ukraine, the debt on a salary to employees of the enterprise made 6 million UAH, and its activity is almost suspended.

Our correspondent managed to communicate to one of representatives of labor staff of plant of 61 Communards, ex-the deputy of the Nikolaev city council Leonid Shifrin who took direct part in that meeting.

"It was interesting to it to communicate to us. They live in the world and estimate a situation at plant only according to management reports. And we told them how affairs actually are and as it everything is seen by simple workers of the enterprise who don't receive some months a salary", - to the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine V. Litvin L. Shifrin so commented on a trip. "Lytvyna dumbfounded information that the mayor of Nikolaev on one of sessions of city council took out a question of withdrawal of the land plot under plant to them 61 Communards. He didn't know about it", - L. Shifrin declared.

He also noted very hard line on protection of the rights of labor collective which was occupied by the chairman of the National forum of labor unions of Ukraine Miroslav Yakibchuk.

According to the employee of plant, Miroslav Yakibchuk emphasized need to do everything in order that the plant continued to work, and labor collective, besides work, would receive also a salary. "It isn't important - there will be a plant in state ownership or will be privatized. The main thing that the plant didn't change the profile and that the labor collective was protected", - M. Yakibchuk declared.

"The chairman of NFPU demanded - if plant privatize that to state the mechanism of control of activity of the management of plant in the collective agreement. He suggested the plant management to report once at least to labor collective", - L. Shifrin told.

Leonid Shifrin noted that representatives of labor staff of plant managed will reach the central authorities only thanks to the help of NFPU and personally to Miroslav Yakibchuk.


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