The pedestrian street sung by the mayor Soviet turns into "the travel yard" for cars

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Many drivers despite increase of cost of penalties use everything the known phrase "for it the law not писан".

With bitterness it should be noted that after repair of the central city street which cost to our community 2 million hryvnias, on asphalt prints from wheels started appearing. Is surprising: from where on a foot site trail from a driving on transport can be picked up?

Today, on March 6 (as, however, and in many other days), on the central city street it was possible to observe an unattractive picture - on Soviet between Potemkinskaya and Big Sea the "impudent" whirlwind carried by the car. And all this is in broad daylight!

Correspondents of "N News" called in GAI and told about the incident. The inspector wrote down the complaint and told that will deal with the careless driver. But in this case it is threatened by a penalty of 300 UAH (non-compliance with road signs). If the driver - "the cool uncle", from this sum to it, as they say, doesn't decrease.

We called as well to the head of our city - to Vladimir Chaika that he commented to us on this situation. After all on Soviet go very often. And very often it is possible to observe the same cars and the same numbers.

- I can adopt it, but the staff of GAI will deal with the driver, - the mayor noted. - On that piece of the road there are no camera which can fix violations. But since April first in the city three cameras will be installed. It near Sotka shop, near Kashtanovy Square and at the intersection between Mira Ave. and Astronauts.

Now it is worth hoping that the driver will be punished. And that on Soviet won't scurry about, in defiance of all hand-written and unwritten rules, "cool four wheels" with tinted glasses...


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