The South Ukrainian City Council dismissed the executive committee

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On 51-oh extraordinary session of the South Ukrainian city council which took place on March 4, deputies made the decision to dismiss executive committee. Representatives of a territorial bulk declared the intentions just before the approval of the agenda.

Though initially only one question was submitted for session: "About consideration of a question of granting premises". Deputies from Party of Regions wanted to cancel the decision of executive committee of the same name. As a result the City Council cancelled not only the decision, but also executive committee.

And all began with housing - an immemorial headache for South Ukrainians. New houses practically aren't under construction, and in the secondary market of real estate of the apartment though fell in price, but all the same remain for citizens ultraboundary dream.

For the majority of South Ukrainians the only hope there is a receiving housing from city fund the turn on which stretched not only on long lists, but also for many years. Many expect improvement of conditions of accommodation in rooms of hostels in tens years though the city authorities annually distribute apartments. But to whom?

Carefully deputies of the City Council from Party of Regions decided to deal with it a question. In this regard regionals initiated extraordinary - 51-ую - session on which agenda took out point on consideration of a question of granting premises.

To what such urgency, present told the speaker Elena Kokol. According to her, regionals disturbed the City Council to cancel the decision of executive committee on granting premises. The matter is that last Friday the executive body of city council held the corresponding meeting which result there was a delivery already 13 warrants.

To whom and on what bases provided apartments, deputies wanted to know in more detail.This desire in the light of information sounded at the previous session was especially actual, as if the mayor Valery Kichak paid off with law enforcement agencies apartments from housing stock of the city that the last will hide traces of the crime allegedly committed by it (as the mayor told at the previous session, the People's Deputy from BYuT

Deputies of political forces most influential in city council (Party of Regions and BYuT) appealed in executive committee to postpone consideration of a question of granting housing. However on February 27 the executive committee not only ignored representatives of opinion of citizens, but also transferred a known item on the agenda from the ninth to the third place, and a mark "9" didn't reach.

As soon as the offered draft decision on granting premises was approved, members of executive committee voted on several points, and then rose and left, having disregarded about 20 not less important for the city of questions. On the same day, with surprising efficiency for officials, warrants were handed over. From what suddenly such haste?

According to Elena Kokol, among happy recipients of warrants there is no candidate from the first ten turns existing in the city. To delivery of apartments to the military personnel, for example, regionals have no questions - here all under the law. And that is why housing provided to the former director of KP "TSD" Sergey Tyzhnevom who was 496-ым in the turn list, not clearly.

Also deputies were excited by a question of granting housing to the staff of power structures and the vessels which management change rather often. Under the law, local authorities are obliged to provide them with apartments that, actually, and becomes. However from visitors of chiefs other tendency is traced. Apartments are privatized and "leave" city fund together with officials who didn't fulfill 5 - the summer term, deputies speak. At the next rotation of shots local authorities again look for housing to appointees from above when there is huge waiting list for receiving apartments among South Ukrainians.

In this regard deputies decided to clear up, having approved the relevant situation. "We really have to provide them with housing, - the deputy from BYuT Alexander Jovica speaks, - but it doesn't mean that this housing shouldn't be office".

In a type of the above byutovets and regionals continued to insist on cancellation of the decision of executive committee. However there was other question:to what this cancellation will lead? How to take away warrants from recipients? And what to do with those of them who stood in a queue of 20 years, after all among 13 lucky persons there are also such?

As a whole, the position of initiators of cancellation of the decision of executive committee was reduced to that after the adoption of situation to return warrants to those, a coma housing allocated lawfully. Though юрслужба executive committee assures that the known decision made according to the current legislation. As for withdrawal of warrants, this prospect some deputies saw very problematic. According to the representative of PSPU Alexander Ilyasov (цит. ) : "We are waited by long, long processes on court. We have now no moral right to cancel this decision". Ilyasov suggested to leave everything as is. Though the representative of PSPU agrees that if the executive committee listened to deputies, now there would be no question of cancellation of its decision.

The end to long debate was put by vote. 17 representatives of a bulk voted for cancellation of the decision of executive committee.

The question of dissolution of careless executive committee stood the second item on the agenda. The offer to consider and such option arrived directly at the beginning of meeting and regionals, and byutovets gave it not. Specifically - Yury Kurishko. Some minutes later it became obvious that the desire to disperse executive committee at the South Ukrainian elects arose in connection with the decision described above on delivery of apartments. Deputies also remembered bad attendance of ispolkomovets and the decision which the City Council as a result had to cancel.

Representatives of Party of Regions willingly agreed with a position of byutovets, strangely enough, very much. In protection of performers of will of city council there was only a communist Yury Telyatnik. In his opinion, the executive committee took vote and made the decision lawfully, within the competence. However it remained in minority.

And the majority of present representatives of a bulk considered that the executive body which ignores the founder and "insolently decides that he wants" (цит. from speech of the deputy from Alexander Bilyk's NUNS), it isn't necessary.

Result of vote about executive committee dissolution: 17 - pro, 8 - "refrained", 1 - contra. R. Zabzalyuk received the letter from Yuzhnoukrainsk in which it was a question that the mayor of this city allegedly made attack by means of a cold weapon on the husband of the mistress. Valery Kichak claims that all this slander).


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