The Chernovitsky guessed to check on the lie detector of loaders of the Kiev zoo

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Workers of the Kiev zoo forcibly forced to be checked on a polygraph. To that who refused, threatened with dismissal.

It was declared by the manager of a grocery warehouse of a zoo Svetlana Gorbovaya, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" writes.

"I such humiliation never worried in 25 years of the work", - told 56 - the summer woman.

According to her, everything began in October, 2008 when the administration of a zoo demanded from the subordinates - the staff of supply division, accounts departments, cashiers and ticket inspectors - to pass test on a polygraph.

The list of surnames (only 23 persons) who was necessary to undergo this procedure was attached to the order. All of them refused. And immediately heard from the administration: "If you don't pass the lie detector, we won't work".

"I went for the sake of the head of supply. I understood that the director from her won't be unhooked", - told Gorbovaya.

Testing had to undergo on the private apartment, in the downtown. Gorbovy noted that the door was opened by the young man. I started furtively, all looked around as if I was afraid of something.

"Us parted on different rooms, connected to devices and began to ask questions. Whether I forge documents? Whether I work directly with suppliers? Whether I steal products from a warehouse? Whether there are acquaintances in bodies? With whom do my native work? ", - I told Gorbovaya.

Check on lie lasted two and a half hours! After it the employee of a zoo came home and got sick.

I confirmed this information and the accountant of a zoo Ekaterina Drobotenko.

Exactly. To many employees suggested to be checked on a polygraph. And without explanation of the reasons. However, the document on this subject any wasn't", - the girl who the other day left told.

"The director of a zoo reasoned so: "You brought me in October when didn't go to the detector therefore I remove extra charges from all. But it sounded in an oral form", - the girl who on - former works in a zoo told.

According to Drobotenko, at a zoo now very big debts: about two million hryvnias - a debt to suppliers of products for 2008, one million hryvnias - for "communal flat".Plus territory cleaning by business concerns on fabulous quotations, plus numerous foreign business trips. Bought in large numbers one municipal magazine.

"Here also look for now a way how not to pay to employees", - Drobotenko is sure.

Berzin's director of the Kiev zoo Svetlana explained check on the detector with hearings about an abuse of authority.

"There were hearings about abuses of cashiers and the controlers checking tickets half a year ago. Then there was an idea to undergo testing on the lie detector. I forced nobody - who wanted, that and passed", - told Berzin.

At the same time she noted that the city hall uses regularly the lie detector and even the mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky passed it.

Itself Berzin to such check it wasn't plunged, but assures that if it was required, surely would make it.

According to her, in the lie detector there is nothing bad especially as check showed that violations weren't.

"The detector didn't show anything bad. And those who passed through it, didn't suffer in any way is didn't affect their biography, work and a salary. The lie detector - a way to remove doubts at the management. I can tell that results of testing showed: violations weren't", - told Berzin.

In a zoo the list of employees whom it is necessary to check on a polygraph was made. The order on it was signed by Berzin's director.

From Regional committee:In the list which it is possible to study on KP site, there are most very amusing positions. So, requirement to be checked on a polygraph is imposed to drivers of washing of overalls and even … to the loader!


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