Tymoshenko and Yanukovych will copy the Constitution from - for Yatsenyuk?

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Growth of a rating ex-the speaker of parliament of Arseniy Yatsenyuk increases probability of carrying out the constitutional reform directed on narrowing of powers of the head of state.

So the head of the Center of applied political researches Vladimir Fesenko considers, reports "Interfax - Ukraine".

"I have such presentiment that if the tendency of growth of a rating of Yatsenyuk and stagnation of ratings of Tymoshenko and Yanukovych will remain and if the tendency remains that Yatsenyuk can win in the second round (presidential election) both against Tymoshenko, and against Yanukovych then there is an increase in probability of carrying out the constitutional reform and sharp narrowing of powers of the president", - Fesenko told journalists on Wednesday in Kiev.

He emphasized that according to opinion polls, Yatsenyuk's rating continues to grow, it already has the electorate which is based generally on the Western Ukraine.

"I have such hypothesis: The western Ukraine found new the Messiah", - the expert added.

Also, according to Fesenko, researches show that in Ukraine "the electoral three" which part Yatsenyuk is was already created and "hardly Victor Yushchenko already will enter".

The expert added that it is heavy to it to speak about the reasons of growth of a rating ex-the speaker.

"I can't explain while, this phenomenon needs to be studied,", - he told. Fesenko assumed that people support Yatsenyuk as "well it know".

In particular, according to researches, it isn't known by only 3% of the population, and, for example, Anatoly Gritsenko - 15%.


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