France comes back to NATO

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The president of France Nicolas Sarkozy declared that after 43 years of a military autonomy his country again comes back to military structures of NATO.

About it reports Radio "Svoboda".

Considering long-term participation of France in all military operations of NATO they consider that it would be better and more effective when representatives of France personally would take part and in the most military command. It is the first argument, on which наставивает the president Sarkozy.

The second is that France, despite already rather symbolical neutrality is one of the greatest kontributer of NATO.

"We never were out of NATO, but very few people know it", - smiling, Sarkozy declared.

"The neutrality of France is a habit which should be changed as the lonely nation has no influence", - he added.

Stay of France out of military structures of North Atlantic Treaty Organization creates many obstacles and inconveniences for French, the French president is convinced.

Numerous attempts of the previous leaders of the French republic to approach with NATO were the proof of it.

Eventually, safety on the continent is based on two whales - the European safety and North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the president considers.

"Nowadays defense of France lies and in our territory, and at distance of thousands of kilometers in space, or in a computer network. To answer these calls, three things are necessary to us: skillful diplomats, powerful army and strong Europe. And to it I will add one more: reliable allies", - Sarkozy emphasized.

Such allies, according to the French leader, the countries which make the North Atlantic block are.

In turn the NATO Secretary General Jaap de Goop Scheffer declared that "membership of France will increase the weight and NATO, and EU".

It is known that a difference of opinion on NATO command in 1958 led to split in alliance. The general Charles de Gaulle declared an exit of France from his military of structures though the country remained in political structures of NATO.


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