The ex-the judge Zvarich confuses a consequence, but in GPU are ready

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With the ex-the head Lvovskogo appeal админсуда Igor Zvarich accused of bribery, in the presence of his lawyer on Wednesday special investigators of the State Office of Public Prosecutor actively worked.

Igor Savka representing Zvarich's interests reported "Today" about it.

The interlocutor of the newspaper in GPU told that Zvarich is adjusted to confuse a consequence inconsistent, often inadequate indications


"That is started up in long, muffled reflections, comes back to reality, understanding that we in vain didn't waste time and while it looked for, fixed charges by incontestable proofs of fault", - the investigator speaks.

"In addition to already known data on the bribes, documented in November and December, new persons involved and the new sums increased. Is both $5 thousand, and 10 thousand, and 20... ", - he added.

Earlier, at meeting of Pechersky regional court of Kiev, Zvarich declared that it was stolen allegedly from hospital by a certain gang, demanded repayment, and then threw out on March 8 near Lviv.

The head of an investigation team of GPU in the matter of Zvarich Vladimir Zherbitsky seriously doesn't perceive these "indications". It reminded that with the ex-judges the official statement under a list about responsibility for giving obviously false testimonies is taken.

"Certainly, protection will do everything to rehabilitate him or to minimize legal consequences, and it is usual lawyer tactics. The consequence is ready to it", - Zherbitsky told.

"And we are interested only in objective establishment of truth on business, operating not with political, corporate or other reasons but only with the facts", - he emphasized.

On a question, whether Zvarich "закосить" under the patient can and, respectively, avoid punishment, the head of an investigation team declared that ex-the judge doesn't make impression of the person unhealthy or badly thinking.

"However, crazy any can go, but at it such prerequisites isn't observed - at sensible mind though a lot of things invent", - Zherbitsky noted.

Meanwhile, the source in intelligence service told that, fulfilling ways of possible withdrawal of Zvarich at detention, employees of "Alpha" didn't exclude that that can jump out even with 4-го a floor."Therefore, having disguised all this detective story with Zvarich's detention under fire extinguishing and having changed clothes of our children for overalls of emcheesovets, in good time took care of if necessary to provide to our "kolyadovalshchik" a safe landing and first aid", - the officer of SBU told.

"On call there was a special grid, which спружинила blow. But everything ended without excesses and flights. To Zvarich to mind didn't come to doubt that the fire not real, and all these sliding ladders, the fire truck - dexterously placed trap", - was added by him.


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