Nikolaev sports: "what to do? " and "how to be? "

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These classical questions were today, on March 12, key at meeting of board of management concerning culture and sports YEAH.

As a whole on the agenda seven questions appeared. But burning all the same there was a question that it is necessary to make this year to increase the results reached in a year last. Didn't do and without report on the done work for last year.

- 2008 was the most productive because this year was Olympic, - the head of department Alexander Sadovsky told. - Nikolayevshchina despite severe conditions could keep trainer's structure and hold about 69 competitions of All-Ukrainian level, and it on 5-6 competitions a month.

Also Alexander Vitalyevich noted that in the city has popularity a veteran sport which carries by prize-winning places. Despite an economic crisis, the program of development of soccer for 2008/2012" was developed and accepted ".

- All purposes which we set before ourselves, were executed, and insolvable tasks were solved, - reported vice-the president of the Nikolaev regional office of NOC Vadim Prokopovich. - Our area the most scandalous in the sports world because we protect interests of the city, instead of someone's. And despite that our athletes won 28 licenses for the Olympic Games-2008, but only 22 athletes could go. And at us the city is open for any competitions therefore to us so often there come athletes from other cities.

And here Vadim Prokopovich started advertizing a subscription on "The Nikolaev news - sports", motivating it with that is the only newspaper thanks to which many will be able to learn that is created in the sports world. Only this newspaper prints reliable information.

The head who has come to a tribune of office of NOC of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area Vladimir Lusta told that already it is worth starting solving problems which appeared this year. That negotiations with Aluminous plant on continuation of cooperation are now conducted. That in the city it is necessary to keep the building of chess club because such buildings in Ukraine becomes less and less, and our chess club very often holds competitions of large-scale character. And also the living space for outstanding athletes has to stand a separate line.

Also Anatoly Semenkov, the deputy of regional council from Party of Regions summed up all aforesaid.

- Many deputies are athletes. Who in resignation also sits in bushes, but sometimes dresses shorts and goes to play soccer, and who and the acting athlete. But for more fruitful work to us, deputies, it is necessary that the accurate purposes were set that we have to make before the Olympic Games in London. Set to us the purposes, and we will gradually carry out them that for 4 years we still increased indicators of our athletes many times over. But you shouldn't miss and daily problems.


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