Данилыч "абарзел": Kuchma seriously considers himself as "the unifying person"

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Ex-the president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma explains that declared the intention to run for president thus to induce the present President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and prime minister - minister Yulia Timoshenko to unite at least against it.

He told about it to journalists today in Kiev.

L. Kuchma noted that speaks absolutely seriously though the joke share also is.

"I in all seriousness though I say that a joke share surely have to be, I wanted to act as the unifying person. The unifying person that the President and the prime minister - the minister united at least against me, and forgot about the squabbles", - L. Kuchma told.

He emphasized that today there is no time for quarrels as the economic situation of Ukraine needs power coordinated actions.

L. Kuchma noticed that V. Yushchenko and Yu. Tymoshenko is positive to "reconciliation signs". At the same time, he considers that meetings of the head of state and the prime minister have to be devoted not only to a question of receiving the credit of the International Monetary Fund, but also an operating time of the comprehensive anti-recessionary program.

"I would like that my such statement was a kind signal for them: both for the President, and for the prime minister - the minister, and for the leader of opposition forces - if it is possible to call them oppositional, - that today it is necessary to save all Ukraine, instead of personally", - L. Kuchma told.

As it was already reported, on March 5 Kuchma told that for short term is ready to become the head of the Ukrainian state again. "I agree to short term. To look at the former guardsmen, first of all... Give time will tell", - L. Kuchma told, answering a question, whether he is going to run for presidency of Ukraine.


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