Lutsenko against that drivers started flying

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The Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko and the Ministry of Internal Affairs as a whole oppose offers to increase a high-speed mode on highways of Ukraine.

This Lutsenko declared on Thursday in interview to journalists in Poltava, reports Regional committee with reference to the UNIAN.

"I as the Minister of Internal Affairs categorically oppose radical increase of the allowed speed on roads of Ukraine", - Lutsenko told.

Thus he noticed that the Ministry of Internal Affairs studied these offers in detail, and is ready to agree only on increase in speed on the roads of the improved quality having a concrete distributive chipper, a maximum to 110 kilometers per hour.

Explaining such position, the minister noticed that if, in particular in the cities, it will be authorized to go with a speed at most 110 kilometers per hour, it will lead to accident.

At this Lutsenko reminded that last year 15 thousand people were brought down and taken to hospitals as a result of road accident from - for speed excess.

"If offers which are submitted for consideration by some figures, God forbid, take effect, we will receive 15 thousand people whom will send not to hospital, and in a mortuary", - the minister told.

According to Lutsenko, on Wednesday he signed offers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and on Thursday they are submitted for consideration of the Cabinet.

It is known that on March 5 the government forbade to carry out control of technical condition of vehicles between periodic technical inspections and lifted high-speed limits on highways.

The prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko noticed that today on high-speed roads there are biased restrictions of speed.

"Strange situation: the high-speed road, restriction 80-90, and actually in the normal countries there it is possible to move with a speed of 120-130 kilometers per hour", - she told.

The changes made to Traffic regulations, it is provided that in settlements movement of vehicles is allowed with a speed of 70 km/h, in settlements on the roads having six and more strips in both directions, - 80 km/h, in settlements on the roads having six and more strips in both directions of movement and established concrete or other chipper - 90 km/h.

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