Martynenko delivered to Yushchenko "into place": "Not everything occurs at your will"

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The head of parliamentary fraction of the "Our Ukraine — National Self-defense" block Nikolay Martynenko doesn't intend to leave structure of "National Union Our Ukraine" party and to hand over the deputy mandate.

About it report "The Ukrainian news" with reference to its press - service.

"You in vain do the appeals about an exit (of NSNU) and addition (the deputy mandate)", - he told, obviously, making comments on the statement of the deputy head of the secretariat president Andrey Kislinsky that can expel Martynenko from party, in response to his vision of the future of party without president Victor Yushchenko.

"With the same success the former member of CPSU Yushchenko could demand to leave Communist Party of her leader (Pyotr) Simonenko from - that he demands impeachment of the president", - Martynenko added.

Thus the leader of WELL-NANOSECOND fraction emphasized that became the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada not thanks to the head of state.

"It is enough to consider that everything around in the world occurs only at your will. I not thanks to you came to parliament. This is Victor Yushchenko became the president thanks to those who carried out his campaign and I organized the Maidan, thanks to those million people which believed and supported him, and then were disappointed in Yushchenko", - Martynenko declared.

He noted that the president shouldn't give instructions to the staff of the secretariat to make the statement for a political situation in party.

Martvnenko Yushchenko once again urged to leave ranks of NSNU and declared that the party exists today not thanks to Yushchenko, and contrary to it.

It is known that earlier Kislinsky called the head of WELL-NANOSECOND fraction, the head of the Kiev city organization of party "The national union "Our Ukraine" of Martynenko - in response to his appeal to Yushchenko to leave ranks of NSNU - to leave "our Ukraine" and to refuse a deputatstvo.


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