"Not market, and market". The illegal big - борды create unfair competition in the market of outdoor advertizing

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We will remind that yesterday, on March 12, in regional торгово - industrial chamber representatives of authorities, supervisory authorities and businessmen discussed a state and prospects of development of the advertizing market in Nikolaev. The main thought which constantly sounded in a course of "a round table": the advertizing market prompt rates "descends on "no".

After speech of the director of KP "Bureau of an Aesthetics of an Urban Environment" Alexander Omelchuk who sounded figures, the director of RTPP Sergey Vlasenko gave the floor to representatives of the firms which are engaged in advertizing.

The principal of the press and television, and also SO-TV TV channel Gleb Golovchenko referred to that in the conditions of Nikolaev is unreal to define efficiency or an inefficiency of this or that type of advertizing as there are no opportunities to measure, advertizing how exactly influences and what number of the people it can influence. To find out it, it is necessary to conduct complex researches.

Outdoor advertizing he called inefficient and told that "efficiency very often can be compared it even to the worst newspaper".

The advertiser Pavel Demensky (state of emergency "Service of advertizing of Demensky") emphasized that decline in demand for advertizing is observed in much bigger measure, than it was sounded by Alexander Omelchuk. In his opinion, advertizing "fell" not to 17%, and several times that "unambiguously causes closing of the companies within two minutes with big still the debts gathered while they thought that for a long time it is time to be closed".

- If we come to a supermarket, there everything is clear, where demand where the offer - on cash desk is visible as as it is bought. If to speak about the advertizing market, nobody knows, how many that is on sale. Especially in regional advertizing, - Pavel Demensky spoke. - If national advertizing can be measured (it is at least open more - less on figures), regional advertizing can't be measured. There are no operating methods of an assessment of its efficiency.

Pavel Demensky considers that it is possible to revive the advertizing market, but for this purpose it is necessary to come back to ten - twelve years ago, to with what all began advertisement makers - with "twenty - fifty cards", from "small shchitochok", etc.

As for printing editions, that, according to the businessman, it is worth reconsidering price policy:

- It is necessary to think of decrease in level of profitability for increase at least quantities.

Some other opinion Galina Shubochkina ("The advertizing world") holds.

- Usually the seller dictates the price, but we have all on the contrary, - she told. - Our buyer speaks today, how many he can pay and that with it to do. We face a dilemma - or to hold the price (because if we will lower it, then we already won't lift it), or to agree on that there was no empty carrier.

She told that attempts to agree with colleagues on "advertizing shop" and in a civilized way to find means of egress from current situation, but all were repeatedly made, as they say, "on - to ours" - contracts develop into rope pulling.

- We have not market, and a market, - Galina Shubochkina speaks. - If in December we thought, to worry January - February (it will be easier in the spring), now we understand that, alas, isn't present. Is now even worse, than was in January and February.

The representative of the Sigma — Sports — Investment company Oksana Yanishevskaya told that at her enterprise decrease in demand for advertizing happened at least for 60%. But the main obstacle for lifting of the advertizing market, according to her, are illegal big - борды, established on all city.

- We could keep a few price, having the minimum profitability (start up it there will be even 10%). But there are illegal designs in the city which owners can underestimate the price, without giving the chance to us to have even 10%-ую profitability.

- It is very difficult for us to survive now, - the businessman continued. - It is very difficult to receive that money which are necessary to us at least on a covering of our expenses from the client.

The director of KP "Bureau of an Aesthetics of an Urban Environment" Alexander Omelchuk noted that his enterprise keeps account of illegal advertizing designs. Drafts of decisions on dismantle of those advertizing carriers which owners don't pay for their placement or which owners can't be established are submitted for each meeting of executive committee of city council.According to Omelchuk, cleaning of Nikolaev from illegal big - boards means not only targeting of an esthetic order and stimulates filling of the budget is also disposal of unfair competition.

He told that in Nikolaev placement of one billboard, depending on the sizes and the location, fluctuates from 108 UAH to 380 UAH

The representative of the Nikolaev regional management for protection of the rights of consumers Irina Tsygan confirmed that very often it is impossible to define who possesses this or that board. Even those companies which advertizing work at the market officially, not always place information on on boards. That is, de jure the firm can have ten boards (officially registered), and de facto much more. The true quantity of advertizing media often disappears.

Certainly, for failure to provide documents on this or that advertizing medium, the owner can be made responsible and get on a penalty of 1700 UAH. But to find out even a name of the owner and a company name often happens (in view of absence in general any information) the extremely difficult.

We will remind that earlier representatives of "Esthetics bureau" declared that in the city about 600 illegally established advertizing designs. And also the data sounded earlier by the first deputy the mayor by Yury Granaturov - that with the Nikolaev advertizing companies are filled by five deputies of city council …


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