Ekhanurov declared conscription for bribes

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The Minister of Defence of Ukraine Yury Ekhanurov considers that on completing by contract servicemen populism and incompetence of some Ukrainian politicians are the main reasons of failure of performance of a state program of transition of Armed forces of Ukraine.

Ekhanurov declared it at a forum during communication with readers the Internet - the Ukrainian Truth editions.

"It is sure that the Ukrainian army will pass to a contract basis. All are for this purpose created conditions are necessary and a lot of things are made in reforming of structure of army. But when it will occur, unfortunately, the definite answer isn't present", - Ekhanurov told, having noted that such position "will disappoint all a grief-politicians who would like to use transition to contract army in the advertizing purposes, but objectively couldn't estimate a situation".

In this regard the Minister of Defence noted that considers inappropriate conversations on use of creation of contract army in political goals.

"At the same time the Ukrainian politicians have no understanding of real scale of problems in this question. Which - who seeks to score on it excess rating points. From here numerous misunderstanding and problems which could and not to be", - Ekhanurov considers.

In his opinion, today the financial and economic crisis and, as a result, the extremely insufficient financing of army don't allow to define date of such transition therefore in present difficult economic conditions the conscription is the only opportunity to maintain defense capability, the minister considers.

Answering a question of opportunity to pay off from passing of conscription service, Ekhanurov reported that this year the country can call up less people for military service, than is the wishing. "I am afraid, as though didn't begin to bribe for that called... ", - Ekhanurov ironically assumed.

Speaking about the general reasons of an existing negative economic and economic situation in the state, Ekhanurov noted: "There is a lot of reasons. But from among main I would define the such: in - the first, it is populism of some politicians. It is trouble of our politicum. All of us pay for it too high price.In - the second, egoism of the Ukrainian politicians. Each political force wants to dominate and isn't able to work in a consensus mode. In - the third, this absence of understanding of national interests, domination of corporate interests over state".


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