Akhmetov called a strike at the enterprises in protest at separatists - terrorists

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The owner of the SKM company Rinat Akhmetov in the emergency statement which broadcast Broadcasting Company «Ukraine» , having interrupted movie translation, I urged workers of the enterprises to come to a precautionary strike against separatism and I emphasized that categorically against so-called «Donetsk People's Republic».

The oligarch is indignant that the streets of Donbass are walked openly by people with machine guns and grenade launchers and blood flows, and people who under slogans that Kiev has to hear them, is engaged in marauding and robberies.

We provide the address text:

Dear fellow countrymen! 
Today mariupolets wanted to carry out world march. And as I was told, more than fifty thousand people were going to come to an action. Also it is–only in one Mariupol!   
And across Donbass millions are ready to leave today! Why? Because people were tired to live in fear. Were tired to live in terror. Were tired to take to the streets and to get under bullets. Across Donbass go with machine guns, with grenade launchers. In the cities gangsterism and marauding. It unless peace life? It unless strong economy? It unless decent work and worthy salary? No! And for this reason people wanted to come for world march. 
But in the morning I was told that in Mariupol there were machine guns that peace people, a peace action want to shoot! And I immediately contacted directors of our enterprises and urged them to suspend participation in world march. Because human life is the main value. And I never will allow that blood was shed. I urged to suspend an action. To suspend, but not to stop! Because if we will stop, Donbass and will be farther in blood! 

I want to tell all–we won't stop. Not to intimidate us! Not to intimidate us to anybody! Including that who calls itself(himself) by a certain Donetsk People's Republic.

Tell me please who in Donbass knows though one representative of this DNR? What did they make for our edge, what workplaces created? To go with automatic machines for the cities of Donbass it that–upholding of the rights of Donetsk citizens before the central power? To maraud in the cities and to capture civilians is that, fight for happiness of our edge? No! It is fight against inhabitants of our edge! It is fight against Donbass! It is genocide of Donbass!
And I won't allow to destroy Donbass! I here was born, and I here live. And therefore I urge all to unite in our fight. For Donbass without weapon! For Donbass without masks! For Donbass with the peace sky over the head! Today representatives, so-called, DNR seized the railroad. They not simply stopped the railroad, they stopped heart of Donbass! Because the industry of Donbass without the railroad will die. So Donbass - our labor edge will die!
And therefore I urge all labor collectives to come tomorrow to a precautionary protest in a work place. And this meeting will begin tomorrow at noon with beep which will sound at all enterprises of Donbass. In support of the world! Against bloodshed! And while the world won't be established, every day at 12 o'clock across all Donbass such beep will be distributed. I as call all motorists, all patriots of our edge to join this action.


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