Балога: Tymoshenko and Chernovetsky concluded world

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The cabinet has to consider immediately at special meeting a situation in Kiev and work of the Kiev city state administration, the head of the secretariat of the president Victor Baloga declared.

In competence of the government definition, how qualitatively and fully carries out KGGA of function of executive power in the capital especially as system miscalculations in management of the megalopolis are obvious and clear, he explained.

However, according to Balogi, the Cabinet of Ministers shows surprising apathy to problems of Kiev, including to illegal and willful initiatives of the capital town governor:

"Reason of it simple: personally at the prime minister - the minister Tymoshenko with Chernovetsky the world and love. And without points it is visible that all exposing rhetoric "warm" to the Kiev power suddenly was curtailed. However, anything strange didn't happen as two populists who in addition constructed this union on mutual mercenary interest" among themselves agreed.

According to Balogi, the government has to discuss all complex of the problems connected with activity of KGGA without delay, and make adequate decisions. There are no obstacles to call this special meeting already in the next few days, he is convinced.

In case such meeting of Cabinet of Ministers doesn't take place from - for personal counteraction from the prime minister Tymoshenko, then the state of affairs in Kiev can be considered at special meeting of Council of national safety and defense.

"I have no special hopes that the Cabinet will be engaged in crisis in the capital as Tymoshenko and Chernovetsky on personal meeting concluded recently the settlement agreement and agreed to help each other", - the head of the secretariat declared.

"All single attacks to the Kiev power - only properties. If government meeting with the critical analysis of situation in which there was Kiev, nevertheless doesn't take place, then other ways of influence on the capital management" will be found, - warned Baloga.

"In particular, I will appeal to the president about convocation of the National Security and Defense Council which today the only is capable to give a comprehensive and impartial assessment to a state of affairs in Kiev", - he added.

Besides, Baloga reported that the secretariat demanded from Cabinet of Ministers and KGGA of the urgent report on performance of orders of the president which were given on March 4 during meeting concerning problems of Kiev and work of the city power.

Балога reminded that the president charged to the government to define concrete actions on realization by Kiev of functions of the capital, to analyse performance of city budget and to prepare offers for elimination of the revealed problems, to develop legislative initiatives for delimitation of powers of local governments and the state administrations.

KGGA has to report to the president how his assignment about immediate cancellation of resonant acts of the city power, in particular, about introduction of paid medicine and new local collecting is executed, and also about preparation of drafts of decisions on the reasonable size zhilishchno - municipal tariffs.


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