"We don't want to exhaust people in ambushes that they sat and waited"

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Some time ago in the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Dnepropetrovsk area. after representation to staff of regional management of GAI of the new chief -militia colonel Gennady Pogorelov,heading before the State traffic inspectorate of the Nikolaev area,the head of the department of GAI of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine the general - the majormilitias Sergey KolomiyetsI answered questions of journalists.

In the morning - penalty payment, in the evening - passing of checkup

According to the head Gosavtoinspektion of Ukraine, with adoption of the new Law of Ukraine"About modification of some acts of Ukraine concerning improvement of regulation of the relations in the sphere of safety of traffic", taken effect on November 17, 2008, militiamen managed to affect significantly a situation with accident rate in the country. Not without pride Sergey Gennadevich noted that recently during working visit to Ukraine the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan, having examined work in new conditions of their Ukrainian colleagues, set the task to the head Gosavtoinspektion to adopt their experience.

In the work Sergey Kolomiyets considers as one of the main indicators reduction of quantity of mortality of people on roads: "For last days across Ukraine only three persons were lost. Believe, it is serious figure, after all I work long ago, and it is simply pleasant to me to hear such indicators".

It was considerably reduced both traumatism, and number of accidents on roads.

Concern of the chief car inspector of the country causes that circumstance that people not always pay in time the penalties imposed on them. The today's legislation doesn't allow other option, except payment. And if within 25 days not to pay it, that, according to the law, the penalty doubles. Thus 10 days are given on the appeal or in higher bodies, or in a judicial order. After that 15 days are taken away on direct execution of payment.

"We don't want to exhaust people in any ambushes that they sat and waited, and heavy fines came and paid then, - Sergey Kolomiyets speaks. - We want that they paid only that broke".

Besides, until the end of June of this year it is planned to introduce completely the automated system of the accounting of administrative offenses of drivers (violation of traffic regulations). After that none of the violators who haven't paid penalties, won't be able to undergo any procedure in GAI, without having extinguished debts on penalties.


Since the beginning of 2009 in the country 3.927 road accidents (against 6.460 road accidents during the same period in 2008) are made.

In 2007 daily on roads of Ukraine about 26 people, all in a year - 9,5 thousand people perished. Human losses in 2008 made about 7,7 thousand, daily - about 20 people. In 2 months 2009 daily on roads about 9 people perish.

Checkup on - new

From this year in Ukraine new rules of passing of checkup of the car are introduced. The sense is that the driver goes on any HUNDRED and when servicing at the same time receives the certificate of technical condition of the car. And when it will come to GAI, it any more won't tire out on any viewing hole. Militiamen check only payment of penalties and transport collecting, existence of the medical certificate, and also belonging to "crime". By the way, for the Dnepropetrovsk region it is characteristic: here many cars with changed and with "boiled" numbers - so-called doubles are revealed.


Since the beginning of 2009 the staff of GAI made 897 thousand protocols for essential violations of traffic regulations (alcoholism, speed excess, overtaking violation of the rules, etc.). It is made penalties for the sum of 255 million hryvnias. From them about 140 million hryvnias are already collected from violators.

So, by words the general - the militia major, has to be. But today this process those heads brake HUNDRED which weren't accredited yet. "There are small shortcomings and of GAI work, - Sergey Kolomiyets admits. - The red tape facts when the documents filed for accreditation, are late" are elicited.

Today in the country it is accredited only 280 HUNDRED while for the minimum passing of checkup it is necessary 550 HUNDRED. But process goes, and the head Gosavtoinspektsii believes that during 2009 it will be finished.

Plastic will serve drivers

One more innovation - plastic coupons about passing of the state technical inspection of the vehicle. Why? Because, according to the legislation, for certain violations of traffic regulations the staff of GAI, instead of removal of registration plate of the car or withdrawal of the driving license, is obliged to take away the checkup coupon from the driver. Subsequently, when the person will eliminate defects, he comes to GAI and receives it back. Therefore, proceeding from technological reasons (paper coupons quickly wear out and can tear as a result of their withdrawal) and plastic coupons are entered.

In Kiev such coupons will appear until the end of March, and in the Dnepropetrovsk area - by the beginning of September. According to the head Gosavtoinspektion, they won't be much dearer paper, and their price will make no more than 40 UAH for the coupon. For comparison: today the price of the paper coupon about passing THAT (taking into account inflation) makes about 18 UAH

"Besides, in it the electronic chip will be built in. And in the long term since 2012, according to the directive of the European Union, transition to electronic technical data sheets of cars on which chips all information on the owner of the car, its penal points and on the vehicle" will be sewn up will be carried out, - Sergey Kolomiyets told.

Red light - to car dealers

One of the priority areas of work of GAI is establishing order and convenience of visitors inInterdistrict registratsionno - examination departments (MREO) of GAI."We will introduce as much as possible work of registration divisions with official dealers, so-called salons on car sale", - Sergey Kolomiyets emphasized.

According to him, this technology is already fulfilled, in particular in Kiev: by request of salon the special group, as a part of the expert and the inspector of search leaves, and examine the delivered cars. They are drawn up directly in salon, i.e. repeated survey doesn't need not to be passed. Upon purchase of the car of people officially charges to the representative of salon to complete documents in GAI. Directly in salon at the time of purchase of the new car of people will receive all necessary registration documents on the car and registration plates. However, while it concerns only new cars and in certain MREO, generally in the regional centers where there are official car dealers.

"It is one of forms to unload our divisions of MREO and to avoid turns", - the head of GAI speaks.

On the other hand is it is called will exclude possibility of a profit on buyers of various "businessmen" who turn round automobile business.


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