Prospect of the Nikolaev region in development of transport infrastructure

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So the member of the committee as Verkhovona of Rada concerning transport and communication, the member of Board of the Ministry of transport and communication the People's Deputy of Ukraine Gennady Zadyrko considers.

Box.At the beginning of a year meeting of Board of the Ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine took place. Activities of transport branch in the conditions of crisis are planned. Transport is one of the most important branches of national economy. How the economic crisis is reflected in its prospects?

G. Zadyrko. Perhaps, will seem strange, but despite crisis, the Ministry plans to build and move forward. In this question we follow the positive example of other states which during economic stagnation left crisis due to development of the enterprises of this branch.

The opinion and the Minister Iosif Vinsky and Board of the Ministry is uniform - recovery from the crisis consists in infrastructure development. The transport component has to move on some steps ahead and to be the locomotive for all economy.

The branch answers calls of time and a difficult economic situation not with groans, and reforms, hard work, a clear understanding of a being of solved problems and a level of responsibility.

That in this regard what to Nikolaev? After all you the native of our city, is sure, what you don't lose touch with our city?

G. Zadyrko.Yes, it is valid, my formation - as person as citizen and the politician occurred on the Nikolaev earth. And though in recent years I as the fates decree live not in Nikolaev, but I consider myself as nikolayevets and the representative, it is possible to tell, the lobbyist of interests of the Nikolaev bulk in the central authorities.

As for prospects of Nikolayevshchina in a context of development of transport infrastructure, there are very interesting plans and projects. What means? For example, nikolayevets realize that Nikolaev - the port city. Really in the region work, and it is rather successful, two seaports and some private sea terminals.

There are plans for construction of new port capacities.But during the pre-crisis period discrepancy between growing level of requirement for shipping and capacity of ports began to be traced.

If, for example, to speak about the main nomenclature of freights, in 2008 deficiency of port capacities in Azovo - the Black Sea pool already made on coal 20 million tons, on ores - 10 million tons, on grain - 5 million tons, on metals - 3 million tons. This list can be continued further.

Yes today, in the conditions of crisis, the need for shipping was sharply reduced. However crisis to end tomorrow, and the tendencies stated above will remain. According to experts, by 2015 the total need for port capacities will increase on 70 million tons.

Among factors of growth call, for example, expected Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization that will create prerequisites for increase in transportations Russian is export - inward cargoes on the shortest distance through the basin of the Black Sea. It isn't necessary to forget that Ukraine during the pre-crisis period annually increased is export - import potential for 5-6%. Therefore it is extremely important to think of with what we will come to the termination of an economic crisis already today.

Box.Earlier among the factors constraining development of sea transport branch in our region, called insufficiency of land transport communications - railway and automobile.

G. Zadyrko. Quite right, both the Minister of Transport, and other heads of department realize it. For this reason not for long it was necessary to prove that priority for 2009 the problem of increase of capacity of railway lines in the direction of seaports, namely construction of the second way, long more than 52 km on a priority site Dolinskaya - Nikolaev has to be defined.

155 million UAH will be allocated for these works from the budget of the railroad. The project will allow to create additional throughputs on the shortest route of transportation of goods from the main exportoobrazuyushchy knot of Ukraine (The Donetsk and Dnieper railroads) on the Odessa railroad, with an entry into the Nikolaev ports and terminals.

It is very important that this project liquidates an imbalance of the last years when ports developed, attracting investments, and development of the railroad stopped from - for insufficient funding.

Besides, construction of a branch line which will connect station the Clear Dawn and Ochakov is planned.This construction will be financed by the investor who plans to build new large cargo port in Ochakovo.

That is, despite crisis, port in Ochakovo will be under construction?

G. Zadyrko.Yes, the Ministry of transport and communication approved the program of modernization of Ochakov port developed by the Smart — Holding company. It provides considerable reconstruction of port capacities existing there - namyvany 40 hectares of the earth on whom terminals for transfer of the iron ore, being coked coal, grain and containers will be constructed.

The investor plans to enclose in the project of 7 billion UAH. It is clear that full implementation of such large-scale project is impossible without construction there a branch line and serious reconstruction of an existing highway. This project long-term, global and all understand that on its realization a lot of time and forces will leave.

It is prospect, even if and not the near future. In difference from, for example, construction project near Ochakovo of lighter knot. Now it is studied at the level of Ministry of Transport, and its realization will begin soon. He will allow to overload vessels with a big osadka which can't come into Nikolaeva ports yet, and also located across Dnepr. Today there is no doubt that he will add appeal to the Nikolaev ports and terminals.

I am sure that systematic work of Ministry of Transport on development of transport infrastructure will give to economy of Nikolayevshchina a serious impetus. Railway communication was a such narrow neck which constrained development of our ports. As the People's Deputy, the member of profile committee of the Verkhovna Rada, the member of Board of Ministry of Transport I directed the personal efforts on informing to colleagues this problem.

I am glad that my work already bore real fruits. The works, planned "Ukrzaliznytsey" on 2009 and are the next years multimillion capital investments to the Nikolaev region, workplaces, contributions to budgets and the most important is a way of development of port economy of Nikolayevshchina. Here some encouraging figures: in 2008 all Nikolaev seaports and terminals processed nearly 21,5 million tons of freights.

After start of the second track growth of cargo handling by the Nikolaev morekhozyaystvenny complex still approximately on 7-10 million tons is predicted. In the conditions of crisis it will give the powerful spur for economy of Nikolaev.

Especially as from the point of view of logistics Nikolaeva ports for consignors of the East of Ukraine, and it is the most powerful industrial export-oriented region, it is much more interesting than the ports of Odessa.

Box.One more subject, certainly, exciting nikolayevets - construction of the bypass bridge through river. Southern Bug. What prospects in this question?

G. Zadyrko.Lack of a bypass road and the bridge through the Southern Bug is really huge problem for our city - and without that the streets loaded by motor transport are overloaded also with transit transport.

The asphalt covering doesn't maintain, the atmosphere becomes soiled exhausts, etc. I personally repeatedly convinced the Minister of Transport that the bridge through the Southern Bug is necessary not only to Nikolaev, but also all Ukraine, and is glad that found mutual understanding and in this question.

But implementation of the project demands laborious work and association of efforts of many people. Including all People's Deputies from Nikolaev, irrespective of our belonging to these or those parties. I am sure that together we will put process of implementation of the project in motion and we will make for the city and the country one more useful business.


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