Increase of a uniform tax and excises on tobacco can strengthen crisis – the head of Nikolaev "regionals" N. Kruglov

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The bill of indexation of a uniform tax for business owners (No. 4112) and the bill of sharp increase of an excise on tobacco products (No. 4202) which were registered yesterday in the Verkhovna Rada, can strengthen crisis and "to kill business", I declared in interview to the correspondent UNIAN the first deputy chairman of Committee of the Verkhovna Rada concerning tax and customs policy, the deputy from Party of Regions, the head of the PR Nikolaev regional organization Nikolay Kruglov.

"The bill No. 4202 won't fill the budget, and only will increase production of counterfeit tobacco production. If this bill is adopted, smuggling of tobacco products will increase many times. At the beginning of 1990-x already such was across all Ukraine and, in particular, in the Nikolaev area where I was a governor. Then counterfeit and illicit production was realized by grandmothers and grandfathers, and it was impossible to struggle with them. So will be and now. Add a weight more of the unemployed who also can join it", - N. Kruglov noted.

At the same time the deputy paid attention that recent increase of an excise had to increase revenues by tobacco products in the budget, but "we saw on the contrary - decrease".

"The number of orders for tax stamps decreased even. Increase of excises on this group of goods was justified during active crediting and economic growth. But now, when we observe decrease in salaries and economic activity, patching of the budgetary holes due to increase of an excise is a myth unsuccessful and dangerous to the country", - N. Kruglov is convinced.


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