From - for "cold and problems with hearing" deputies "bungled" the bill on independent estimation

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Present graduates have to pass independent test because without certificate with results of VNO to higher education institutions them won't admit. Can participate in testing andNikolaevthe graduates of last years having desire to arrive in higher educational institutions. Quality of knowledge of pupils becomes a peculiar assessment to teaching level at schoolsNikolaev.

This year independent testing is held all for the second time and as any new business demands improvement and elimination of defects within general education reform. However the bill on External Independent Estimation (EIE) rationing, didn't pass in Rada - there were no 2 voices.

Not for nothing the People's Deputy of Ukraine Lesya Orobets, the vice-chairman of the Uniform Center, called parliamentarians who "weren't in time", more responsibly to belong to own duties.

"Someone explains own delay by who didn't reach from a coffee house, someone - problems with hearing or cold. To whom, tell, these justifications necessary now if as a result there were no only 2 voices for adoption of the basic bill which has to be нормирована educational reform? After all there is a speech about destiny of hundreds thousands of school students, teachers, parents and business - without exaggeration - the state importance", - she emphasized.

"On that happened, the world doesn't come to an end. Nobody is going from now on "to go down stream" or to lower hands. Basic ideas of the project have support of the majority of People's Deputies. … The project is ready, coordinated with experts and representatives practically all departments. The closest meeting of committee will provide it a start in life", - Lesya Orobets assured нардеп.


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